Saheed Osupa Vs Sule Alao Malaika..and the beef goes bloody!!!


Saheed Osupa:is his kingly status highly questionable?

Fuji Star, Sule Alao Malaika

Fuji Star, Sule Alao Malaika:... eyes on the throne?

During the unveiling and fund-raising dinner for the Yoruba Music and Film Awards (YOMAFA), what initially looked like a hitch-free event ended up with altercations that left the windscreen of Fuji Musician Saheed Osupa’s Chrysler Sedan smashed and several injured.

According to reports Osupa, on realising the damage done to his vehichle, left the venue in anger only to return with a band of policemen and all hell broke loose. The peaceful unveiling party/fundraiser metamorphosed into a battle between Mr Osupa and the Fuji Music Association of Nigeria.

On who was responsible for the attack of the Fuji star and his car, Mr Osupa pointed accusing fingers on his music rival, Sule Alao Maliaka. According to reports, Osupa stated that he was on his way out of the event after his performance when a group of people including Soji Taiwo aka Omo Banke, Seun Egbegbe, and Sule Alao Malaika were throwing things at his car. He immediately drove off to the nearby police station “as a law abiding citizen” to report the matter.

However Sule Alao Malaika recently released a press statment where he clears the air on what he calls a “false and libellous story being circulated by Saidi Okunola a.k.a Osupa.” In his statement, Malaika claims he was nowhere near the scene of the crime and was being implicated by Osupa. mr malaika stated that he was discussing with a couple of his friends including Alhaji Sule Adio Atatwewe when he  “saw bottles and stones flying across from the road.”

“we all moved into the hall to wait for the crisis to die down,” he says.

he also doused every rumour that he was detained by the police as a result of his allerged involvment in the damage to Osupa’s Sedan,  but admits he was taken in for questioning -alongside many memebrs of the Fuji Music Association of Nigeria – but released the same day!!



  1. sule alao malaika is a well matured and reasonable human being,he cant do such a thing to saheed.saheed broke it himself

  2. Rasak Tijani,I diagree totally with you.You should be issuing progressive statement not the one that will be fuelling the already battered,strained relationship between this boys.well,saheed should see any mob action as act of God not to point accusing finger on anybody.Saheed,Sule should be seen as your half brother because two of you are from IBADAN one way or the other.I love two of you.


  4. Fuji is a brand of music that has it’s originality and history in Nigeria and we appreciate it,please stop the fighṭ

  5. who is the cause of all this trouble?we dont know and i think the problem cant be solved until KWAM 1 call everybody from the ARABAMBI and MOTAGBAMAOLE side to let the sleeping dod lies.what others dont know is that osupa and oluaye can never fight each other becos osupa knows OLUAYE as ELDER and oluaye also know OSUPA as his junior.BARRY and KOLLINGTON should not interfere again let WASIU AYINDE settle the case.MAY GOD LET PEACE REIGN IN THE KINGDOM OF FUJI ameNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.

  6. I completely agree with Bode’s comment.k1 is truely the rally point,let them allow him put d warring factions together.

  7. settle the matter for thi boys and let king give us more song because he [ saheed] is the only one that given us new song others are trying but king is alway shwn himself as king whenever come to singing.
    thanks Salako South Korea

  8. we ve heard series of quarells from alhiji barrister and alhaji kollington although some people felt it was a market strategy,while most poeple knew it was a rankship superiority jealosy between the 2 of them.

    moreso, we ve heard similar querell from Alhji wasiu Ayinde, Alhaji Shaura Alamu and some orther immediate colleague during late 80s and perhaps till date.

    however, its time for new Fuji generation – amongs Wasiu Alabi Pasuma, Sule Alao Malaika, Saheed Osupa, Sule Atawewe,& orthers.
    I dont know why Saheed Osupa decided to turn Similar querell into a civil war, so far he`s claiming to be the most influenced,most talented ,the best, and the richest among others, which i think he should be contented instead of framing and packing different kinds of lies and problem within the fuji industries.

    furthermore, my advice for Otunba Alabi Pasuma & the udisputed king of new fuji generation Sulaiman Alao Malaika and Baba-oloye Sulaiman Adio Atewewe is that they should not act negative or have negative thinking on saheed osupa success as his proving they are.
    because i`m yet to believe him until i see him puchased BUCKINGHAM PALACE from QUEEN ELEZABETH .i love you all without exception, while i beseech you to stop disgracing fuji industry.

  9. saheed osupa is a fool and will 4ever be a fool,i am using these abusive language bcos the guy his becoming too arogant he feels nothing can happen to him when he bahave anyhow well wait and see how he will end up h is chicken life.he said he his rich is he the only rich person here let him come and show him little yahoo boys richer than the muda fuka…………….he shouldnt cross his boundary or he will get killed with his mouth open.why on earth those he want to compare himself with pasuma,paso his loved naturally even if he wasnt a musician he would be the star he his in any field.saheed his simply jealous cos paso his handsome and girls love him if osupa is rich let him buy everything with money but paso things come freely he his favoured by God and when a man goes against a person favoured.

    pride commet b4 the fall…………..saheed is an illitrate thats why he is fighting on silly things…………let him go to the oil companies were younger guys use diffirent expensive cars……….fuck him i say so
    he should be careful we are not happy with wat he is doing and his life might be at stake.

  10. when he dresses up he looks like a meat seller no matter how expensive the cloths are,his head his as big as that of three pple………………i wonder if he wears caps lol…………….he should be a clown and not a musician wat music his he playing local champion like him…..was he not there when paso went for celebrity takes two……….and how many hiphop song as he recorded paso knows music better than him thats why he can blend.only local pple from kwara and others like osupa music meat sellers,chacoal sellers,labourers and iron benders are his fans

  11. Some people are just set of fools and i believe stupidity is their ancor, with such people in this our country there is no how we can move foward, pls let stop this act of condeming our fellow brothers, are we encoraging peace of violence, how one on hearth buy an expensive car and use his tow hands to break the wind screen? i think the best way is to find a lasting solution to the Fuji music industry war not to be complicating issue, Osupa, Paso, Malaika there is nothing like unity you guys should come back as one family, though all these fighting stuff is been part of music world wide be you shouldnt tollerate violence, may God be with each and everyone of you one love.

  12. I think we should speak with modesty and act like an educated person we call ourself.I wonder if this guy accusing Saheed Osupa the undisputed King of Music of gross misconduct is not a mercenary for host of other antagonist to Saheed.

    To correct you wrong notion you made mentioned of guys which really show that you celebrate dubious act known world wide.Secondly your accusation of been illiterate has nothing to play in this context and more so what is your definition of illiteracy?Please brother my perception is that you are jealous of this guy.I dont know the group you belong to,but my advice to you is that you should not allow your little education push you into pit.

    Your selection of words is so bad that you cannot be a good leather.Please learn how to address issues.Do you have anything at stake in this issue?If yes you have cross your boundry then.How could you illustrate this issue to the extent of mentioning death at somebody.Guy that is barbaric and senseless to me if permitted the way you had sounded to Saheed.Guy you have to go and learn the rudiments of public address,your public relation is the worst I have seen.

    I would like to advice Saheed as well to be more careful and concentrate more on his job.I know he wants to clear the music industry off from the papagolo musician like rugged man did in Rap industry.Take it cool it is a gradual process.

  13. Hakeem or Akimu,what do you call yourself?Guy Nigerian syndrome of talking anyhow is really disturbing you.I still look at your write up and see that you are among group of people who have no clear view of issues before giving their judgement.I am far away from Nigeria and I still keep contact with all various fuji music till date.Everybody knows who is who in the industry.Even Mr fuji knows best than me and you do.

    Let me ask you this question.What is the source and origin of music?I know you do not know because people like you tends to be too full of themselves that they allow western lifestyle to eat up their Yoruba thinking.The answer to this question is:music originated from quarrelling.If so why are you so confussed to the extent of giving your poor and short sighted judgement.You are not a fair judge then.Saheed,Paso,Malaike,Atawewe and others knows their ranks and stutus in the industry not minding the title bestowed on each of them.

    Frankly speaking Akimu going by you write up your are not a good listener of Fuji music and you should mind your tongue never you contribute to issue of such magnitude and do not allow mouth to put or drag you into pit.

    I implore whoever that knows his role in this seemingly fuji war to act fast.Mr Fuji,Kollinton,K1,Obesere,Rasheedi Ayinde,Shina Akanni, and host of others to do something to end the war and let enjoy better rythm in the industry.From Finland.

  14. Ben, i belife u 2 be the biggest fool in the world, how can you compare beauty with music, wheather paso handsome or not, Osupa ugly or not, that one is predesigned by God, I believed that Osupa is the Best among his Generations,
    Although Pasuma is taking Fuji 2 the Next Level, Kudos 2 him,
    After Oluaye, I belived Osupa should take over as the Fuji KING,
    SAKA OROBO should be equal among all, being a president to all

  15. My sincere apology goes to Akeem,Please sorry for the mistaken of identity I was quoting Ben not you.I wonder where that Ben of a guy emanated from.

    Once more Akeem I am sorry

  16. lol ..Saheed you have to think, boyz are geting money, ure fightin around, that’s not the way of life, the undisputed king continue your life, magbe sun mo ogun lon lo

  17. saheed and pasuma were best of friend before but (ija lode lorin dowe) as yoruba use to say. all of you fuji musicians should not mind some of these comments because they are irritating, fuman is a big family please sing about love and harmony. ile-Alayo ko ni baje.

  18. i believe those who are contributed positively to the success of the fuji stars are looking forward to find a solution to them, i see no reason 4 someone to come to a conclusion without knowing exactly the cause of their querelling. pls my friend let yield and face reality to this young and talented musician. Abbey from Sokoto

  19. osupa u wil b my role leader til i die

  20. saheed baba won,ride on

  21. i somuch like both of them, their music is so meaningful and adviceable to the world, but i dont while the music industry as yet find solution case, because this are peaple that sing to advice the world ,goverment, widows and hopeless ones, i will like to advice doctor sikiru ayinde barister and the top musician to please look up to these problem before it get worster than these,,,,,,,,,,, omoade from switzerland

  22. they are more better things to do than fighting and quarreling, you think you guys think you are a kid no
    why the misbehaviour

  23. wat is happening in the house of fuji is just so unfortunate. people like saheed, shpuld learn how to be well behaved and not bragging around town. he might be richer, but he cant compare his status wit that of other fuji musician like: paso, maliaka, ayuba, obesere and te king of fuji music; k1 d ultimate. sahhed is just making himself an empty barrel which makes the loudest sound. i will like people who are closer to him to call him and advice him on how to relate well with people n respect elders. saheed remember that OGUN MA SUN KO OO.

  24. when people comment on the issue that they are unfamiliar with,i lower my head in sorrow because the best jugde in the world do not put up one-sided attitude.though what we beg for is ultimate and everlasting peace to reign in fuji house,things other musicians do or say to provocate the king, people(awon olote)dont take notice but when the guy reply them that is when they started complaining.and there is an adage in yoruba saying,if someone doesnt care to throw you a pebble,dont bother to throw back a dynamite.that is just the case between between olufimo and the others.pasuma went straight to k1 to give him otunba titleship because people felt is a worthless title nobody care about it,but the creator of fuji endorsed the king,and the rest felt he had taken the title they had been waiting for,they hide under the pretext of protesting for k1,to condemn the act.but what god has made nobody can destroy it.king saheed osupa okunola is cornerstone that become the pillar of a house anybody that is trying to pull him does so on his detriment.KING SAHEED OSUPA OKUNOLA.OLUFIMO,MATAGBAMOLE……………………………………………………………………………………….PRAY FOR ALL YOUR ENEMY GOD WE GIVE THEM WHATEVER THEY HAVE IN MIND FOR YOU


  26. Guys I really respest all comments posted on this issue in regardless of the opposite view expressed.if some of you visit yutube and view sayeed osupa,pasuma or safejo amama’s vedio you will see the level of reasoning of most of them.

    To be objective,
    sayeed osupa is currently given us good fuji music,he’s very creative and talented, he’s not copying anybody and he’s original however, he allow success to get into his head and he could not manage success,he’s PR need to inprove.

    Wasiu Alabi ,he very good,talent, still improving and cry people along with his music.

    Sule Alao, need improvement,not bad at the moment but still have a long way to go.traveling all over the world is not enough as he current hold a british passport.

    Wasiu Ayinde,very talented,on top of the fuji game, very exprerence,hily compose only need a leadship skill..

    Before anyone disagree with me please visit youtube and click on any of this fuji artist RECORDED ALBUMS not Live and see the difference.Above all a like them all and am alittle disturbed when I see them rain abuses on themself on youtube clips especially Safejo amama who still have a very Long way to go in terms of his music.

    One love.

  27. why is it that u are the one know how to sing like owe, why?

  28. send me ur picrure

  29. kudus to saheed osupa big daddy, i love ur music

  30. .

    my name is ARISEKOLA from IBADAN oyo state i love fuji music so much esspecialy the music of DR KING SAHEED OSUPA OLUFIMO AKOKO MATAGBAMOLE 1 the next MFR world wide

  31. saheed cant just point at him when they are alot od ppl there…Why should omo banke do this with the way i like him…..He fucked up if that is true

  32. It is very interesting to read all these comments but in my own true opinion, I belief Saheed is just too much and is far far better than pasoma when it comes to reasonable music. Although, Paso is good as well and very much of an entertainer but than alone cannot win him the title..king of music. I really dont think safejo can even sing without copying saheed style and without saheed there is no safejo. It is true saheed might be a lil bit arrogant as some might have pointed out but in my opinion is just over-confident and there is a different between the two. This is just my true and un-bias opinion.

  33. i think fuji music should by now gone beyond title but creativity and acceptability not just within the yorubas but accros other etnic groups within nigeria and beyond. the only way u can do that is to try to redefine fuji music with a blend of modern tips. am not saying we should 4get wat fuji music is all about the fact is that every thing is prone to change. according to sikiru ayinde barrister fuji music emmanate from apala and apala from ajiwere,so i give it to pasuma for is creativity in fuji music where by young once still find time to appreciate fuji music despite modern music (hip hop) that has overtaking nigeria music. it makes me glad to see fuji musician (pasuma) being feature wit 9ice,ruggedman,eedris abdul kareem,wired mc,olu maintain and other modern artist.also being invited to pertake in celebrities takes two,being invited to hip hop world awards,also a brand to globacom thareby performing all over nigeria where fuji music has not being heard before. so my advise to all fuji musician as a die hard follower of fuji music is to foget all this fight and see how fuji music can accept wider acceptability. fuji music should not be a thing a thugs and area boys,i want to wake up and see fuji musician being invited to state functioneries. may God continues to bless and preserve Yorubas heritage which fuji music is part of

  34. In the year 2006 50 CENT made a statement on MTV BASE about JARULE said in 8 months coming there would nobody bearing JARULE again in USA since years back now there’s nothing like JARULE, My advice to ALL PASUMA FANS please give him an advice to forget about SAHEED OSUPA bcos wearing designers or been a fine boy will never sort the problem when the times come. All there fans or people who likes them will never listen to designer or beauty they will like to listen to what is coming out from there brain, please if you are a truly nigerian citizen pls go to YOUTUBE and listen to BABA ALASELA AND OMO ALASEJERE, on youtube just enter king DR saheed osupa u will see him wearing white cap with buba pls listen to part 7 and 8 and then make a comment on it thanks.

  35. KING pls forget about all of them you have made it in your song all of them are not your ENEMIES they are (SABABI) to you including ARABANBI 1 just leave them. i can see when u hold your microphone it shows from your face that you’re hard working OSUPA ride ON. OMO ALASEJERE

  36. osupa 4 live

  37. saidi osupa always liar,he said u bought homer geep,nobody didnt see it

  38. Arisekola u are right,saheed is singing,eventhough pasuma &ayinde know that.pasuma is my Good advise is that pasuma &osupa should stop fighting,so that God should continue 2 bless them.I LUV U ALL.YOU PEOPLE SHOULD REMEMBER 2MORROW,THAT IS NOT CLEAR 2 EVERYONE.I THANK GOD BOTH OF U ARE MUSLIM.TRY

  39. Osupa is the king of fuji if them like make them go commit suicide ! ! !

  40. al thesame king saheed osupa and pasuma are my friend but saheed osupa is quite different from pasuma bcos saheed is singing more than pasuma and we all knows that but for those ppl who hv already comment they are just using likeness to contribute to the issue instead for them to give judgement to god, but my advice for two of them is that they should hold there self as its b/4. one love my brothers.

  41. King Dr. Saheed Osupa Olufimo 1, Matagbamole 1′, I beg you in the name of Almighty ALLAH stop worry yourself over nothing, bcos Osupa is different 2 other’s. so urs is 2 continue giving thanks 2 almighty dt raise u among d enemy. sorry to use d word of enemy there’re SABABI to ur journey. But let be Frankly speaking with each other Saheed is getting too much. Allah had fighted for u. All other Artist u’re all great Stop quarelling, set ur goal in order to achieve ur AIM. All of u (Beleive in ur self nd rest in God 4 ur TOTAL Succes. Stop Fighting nd Seek 4 more knowledge bcos “KNOWLEDGE IS VITAL TO YOUR SUCCES”. IFOKANBALE FUJI concentrate in ur music. pls leave them.

  42. well,as people as said ealier, saheed is a talented,and uncoparerable to other musicians
    am only here to advice the stupid that hide himself under another person to do bad who is the person suspense he said he is fighting 4 oluaye why doing so are u familiar at all as yoruba normally say[omo olomo laranise detorutoru]u are a fool
    do u remember when u went 4 a play where all parts of ur body is cut to smaller pieces after all u have done nothing to asist fuji music. u that can not sing without copying saheed
    why cant u follow the foot step of your leaders like ayuba,remi e.t.c
    pasuma concluded himself that he can not sing like saheed u now decide to side him u better think before it is too late. i watch when of his show where he was abusing barrister do u want to compare ur self with saheed after all he is older than you talented interm of singing richer wide known almost every thing than u. SAFEJO MIND UR SPEECH.reply me at opeyemi.wasiu@yahoo .com

  43. i didnt agree with all the rubbish,but the only one i can put all the blame on is sikiru ayinde barrister.He shouldnt have said saheed osupa is a king of fuji no matter what,oluaye is the leader of all the boys,saheed is a good composer and good musician but all his music is one way trafic compare to KI so, let him go back and learn from Him instead of fighting with him.fuji music is entertainment not aKOMOLEDE OF YORUBA

  44. osupa oba orin MA KORIN NSO, Olorun lode O lade
    SAIDI OSUPA lo tun ta ijinle EDE YORUBA JI nje oti gbo JOJO YIO KI OFARABALE gbo daaada ki se pe ka jo lasn ni ———— mo gbosuba foba orin.

  45. Evry1 knows who’s who in fuji music industry it’s an under statement for sm1 to say fuji pioneer knows not he did to raise king osupa as a king of music coz k1 also raised otunba pasuma as 2nd in command without d consent of barry/kollinton den why sm1 now challenge d authority of d fuji pioneer. if barry refused doing dis k1 we still raise pasuma as king coz pasuma as bn announcing dat k1 said after him he ‘ll b d nxt king den what ‘ll b d reward of d so called king of music dat transform d originate fuji. also k1 is a good musician of all kinds but king saheed osupa style in fuji industry is nothing but excellent cos if we flash back d originate of fuji dis man’s indeed a great musician and he’s opened a big chance 4 his challenge no1 can compete with else 1 photocopier musician even deaf/blind pple knows is just a noise maker. pls my friend dat says osupa is a 1 way traffic musician let me educate u ”if u re indeed fuji music fan try & listen 2 king saheed osupa’s album frm fadisco hitherto & confirm him as king as he’s been endorsed by fuji creator den compare with anybody in fuji industry” ks osupa can sing any type of music but he 4see what mess it may later happen 2 fuji by performing wit RnB & NAIJA HIPHOP ARTIST which has bn happening now.

  46. Ese gbogbo ile.. Am pasuma fans and allah will always bless him and osupa also, sugbon e so fun osupa kofija le and agidi… Bcs God have answer every one of them in this job call fuji… he get a house while pasuma also do, pasuma have many hotel will u also have many things and i dont see why fight.

    God Bless You All.. Pasuma i like u,,,

  47. kudos to all fuji fans, please pardon me if am mistaking. those who says king saheed osupa is arrogant please do remember that k1 have also disrespects barrister long time ago if you can flash back i think he his reaping what he sow. yoruba will say if a king did not die another cannot take over but is not like that in the presence of k1 when he was crown the king of fuji music when barrister his health and strong did barrister stood up has his enemy,now is time for the real king to reap the fruit of his labour why the enemy.the only thing i will say to olufimo is, he should continue to give us his unbeatable song. god bless yoruba land, god bless Nigeria, god bless Africa.

  48. Mala 4 life , i love this boder so much . may Allah cont. blessing you {Amen}
    love you

  49. hey all

    lets promote fuji..

    vote for your best fuji artist of the year in various category..

    i vote for osupa..

  50. to King saheed my plead to u that , u should forget about any thing about in any what they say your colleague was friend to u is just the gossiper was causing to u all please i mr jos love u all bye

  51. the king saheed osupa is a wonderful man because i do se people like it

  52. The king we all know is saheed osupa.

  53. pasuma dont bother about saheed osupa again,you are more recongise than him,in the presence of educated fellow than him.pasuma you remain my favourite musician all over d world

  54. To be sincely,we all know that Saheed osupa is a writer,a good music writer.We’re all talking about music here not fahsion show.Is not even about dressing’ is all about music and not just music is all about ‘Fuji’ in question.Omo banke is just an empty body,is very poor as a person.He was here in South africa last year and this year.He doesn’t have money to buy ticket to go back to Nageria .Ask him if i’m lieing.He can’t even call malaika or pasuma to send money to him.It was baba latin that sent money to him.People that’re causing all this problem are Omo banke,seun egengen.And don’t forget that seun and malaika were fighting too,over Sikiratu sindodo. Don’t forget that seun is a marketer so without being a fight in the ‘Fuji’ he think he can’t make his money.So stop talking bad of Osupa.Omo banke is using pasuma and others to live life.He even said it here in South africa,that by support Pasuma to live life.Thanks. My name is Remmy from South Africa.

  55. what i want pple to know is dat,wen paso called himself the otunba of fuji which he later went to k1 for support.osupa or no other fuji musician fought him.when d so malaika called himself an oba it was paso that started threatening his life which he later claim to be the king of non existing new generation.when osupa called himself ilesanmi paso did not fight him just bcos he believe osupa is still under him.olufimo did not jst called himself olufimo bt he was crowned by the creator of fuji.with my brief story i tink we wil b able to judge 4 ourself who is actually the creator of this wahala.k1 dat we all known as king did not 4 ones made any stupid statement abt king issue even thou he may not be happy wit it,bt he was able to control was this paso omota that thought he get craze 4 head started the whole thing,he though he can pressurise osupa as he did to dat senseless malaika bt not knowing that dat one get craze pass him[baba were]king saheed osupa they called u arrongant bcos they were unable to over come compare both. osupa as nurture many fuji musician,wich paso cant boost of 1,osupa can sing better wich paso confirm by himself,osupa gets more show than paso,osupa makes more money than paso nowadays,he utilize money than paso.i tink paso need to be advised abt life,he his the backbone of trouble in fuji.i also learnt he slapped one of barrister band boy.paso u are an omota trying to hide under the cannopy of ajebota.osupa is real

  56. i am islamic musician but i love king saheed osupa music because it make happy if am sad and my family love is hi very well

  57. king saheed osupa matagbamole 1 olufinmo mr music
    i love u so much & i cant do without ur music
    osupa 4 live….
    matagbamole but ole tegomole…

  58. saheed osupa, i realy love before,but now i dont like u at all.because saheed ti ba je ju,se K1 D UTIMATE je egbe re ni.

  59. remmy south african,u are not seriou,i u better him,u too u are the empty body.

  60. king saidi osupa , i realy love you and stop fighting becouse won fe ba oruko e je ni to ri pe iwo le ni ti olorun gba fun lowo tio si ma gba fun titi laye amin oku le de mama olorun ate won si afefe ire amen
    ejowo eba mi to ju sunny t adesokan ema wo ti iwa re ese anu fun nitoripe eni ti iwo ba ni ipa lati se iranlowo fun oun ni enikeji re tojue

  61. well… i love all the comments from all. when we talk of fuji music we all know that King (Dr.) Saheed Osupa (Olufimo 1, Matagbamole) is performing far better than so called Pasuma, Malaika, Idiot Atawewe, etc. who follow one way in singing. So what I will just say is that you should allow the king to use his own time for better not for criticizing him for what is wrong. I read in one blindly-comments above that Pasuma is handsome than Osupa which is totally wrong in music… I want you to realize that beauty has nothing to do in Music but it is what you produce to people’s hearing that is matter-most. Beauty is predesigned by God not man. Some said paso wears designer than osupa which I strongly disagree with the statement. So, pasuma, malaika, stupid atawewe and their siblings in fuji music should face their way and give him (osupa) chance to do what God has sent him to do. OBA ORIN NI OSUPA. Otunba o le joba mo.

  62. olufimo akoko is d king 4live becos he singing evergreen music so is the king and every body no but to said d truth is bitter dat why.4rm America

  63. There is one thing most people dont understand,there is different between singing and entertaining but i think all musician should be able to possess the two.
    Pasuma is someone i love most in my life,he possess the two characteristics,he entertain people with his song and he is instrumentally good,he knows how to arrange his song even a foreigner who dont understand what he is saying will sure dance to his music that is why most hip hop artist love to collaborate with him.As for osupa,though he is good but lacks what is called entertainment he can only sing but he dont know how to entertain people hardly would you see a foreigner dance to his music.
    If anyone wishes to know more about what am saying,he or she should checkout for a CD(live performance)which the duo performed together on a stage and he or she should take note of both side while handling the mic.
    K1 was crowned king of fuji by cooperate bodies,Ayuba was crowned osupa adini by cooperate bodies and malaika was also crowned king of new generation by so cooperate bodies why the so call barrister crowned osupa king of music and moreover barrister is not the fuji creator but only fuji modernizer.
    Paso o ride on asiko re ni.

  64. These question goes out to all Osupa fans and himself.
    1)what is music?
    2)where is the word music originated from?
    3)what is the word used to qualifies the following,
    i)Hip hop (ii)R & B (iii)Reggae (iv)Fuji (v)Rap (vi)soul (vii)rock (viii)apala (ix)juju etc
    4)In what was he crowned a king?

    Waiting for answer from him,his so called baba baba and his fans.

  65. I was very sad wen i read all d comments above 4 not knowin wat d music is all about.Dont u know dt entertainment is derivd 4r music.In a situatn whereby music results in violence,it has bcome sometin else.I lov evryone of dem b4,cos their various songs passd a gud message across 2 people.They should stop shoutin”emi loba,iwo larabanbi”.God bless u all

  66. For me and my household,i stay with Osupa for his philisophical songs but have nothing against paso,he is also good but just that he only entertain which he himself confirm.Their approach to the fuji music is quite different but we should be praising them for their effort not pinching them against one another.Fans also contribute to the roforofo,anybody can be king of her own type of fuji.
    My main advice is KWAM is a big bros and should play that role not supporting one against the other.In his days,he will never take what he and his group are doing to Osupa,like i said one love.I love fuji music especially the barry type but will not be against other type,they are all contributing to development of Fuji.
    Paso should try and be man of his own and not be playing another man’s game plan.while Osupa too should create another image for himself and try and mojukuro in whatever game anybody is playing.

  67. if saheed osupa knows he is not an arabambi then he should let us be, he should mind his biz was its car the only car at the venue of the events

  68. O mase oo! Teejay or what d hell u are’s quite obvious dat ur I.Q has gone below reasonable doubt. Ur mode of thinking is so irrational and looks childish.well! O ni ‘bi to gbon mo. If a professor in certain field of study say in physics can be referred 2 as Prof. lagbaja and not Prof. Lagbaja In Physics. Then such questions of urs is null and void ab initio. Fuji is part of HRM OBA SAHEED OSUPA (OLUFIMO 1 of fuji music) is a king of music in fuji. Kabiesiooooo


  70. Am one of osupa fans,all what i want to say is that i just want to PEG mr fuji(osupa) to forget about the matter God will provide another one for him,King u are stil the best

  71. This man called Osupa is no doubt the best Fuji Musician we have in Nigeria now. He composes very well. Christians and Muslims listen to his music. People should tell Arabanbi family to stop concipracy against Saheed Osupa.
    For confirmation watch the following live shows:
    1 Fuji Theartre
    2.Campus Carnival
    3. Opomulero
    4.Igbeyawo Oba Mushin
    5 Idi Oro Carnival
    6 Fuji Carnival

  72. The only Fuji Music I play in my house is Saheed Osupa. All my children listen to Saheed Osupa’s Music. It is a matter of choice. Choose what is good for you. You can’t force people to like what they don’t like. Is like political parties in Nigeria. You joing the party that you believe is goog for you.
    My advice for King Waisu Ayinde is to respect himself and call other musicians to order. He is an elder. He should stop taking side with any one of them. He deserves repect from all of them, provided is very sincere and honest.

  73. people should please help me to asked the so called oluaye fuji (wasiu Ayinde) who crowned him as king of fuji.Do you all know that he was crowned the kig of music without the conscent of both DR sikiru Ayinde Barrister(MFR) and Gen Kollington Ayinla.He later called the two baba oba.If anybody is comparing wasiu Ayinde and Osupa in terms of popularity and achivement such person need to be given injection on tongue bcs such person;s tongue is sick but if you see anybody that is comparing King Dr Saheed Osupa (Mr Music)with the Arabambis in terms of music composition,such person need to be injected in the brain bcs such person;s brain is sick.Do you all know that Osupa is the MUSIC that all of them are even singing.King Saheed Osupa is just RUGGED and not ROUGH because the two are different.”Roggedity lo so mo di ajanaku”.sm1 said osupa is ugly,eeh! if handsomeness is what we can use to determine the best in music industry Late Fela Anikulapo would;nt have be the King of Afro beat.
    Those arabambi fans are arguing simply bcs they dont want to accept defeat.Do you all knw want Osupa used to silent them all especially that “ELEJO” that called himself mosafejo?He (OSUPA) released FOUR albums at once (Mr Music).please sm1 should just try and buy just one album of this ungreatful guy(Safejo) and compare it with one of the Oba orin album.Please anybody that knw safejo shd help me asked him whether the voice that he is using to sing is that of any of the ARABAMBI,Safejo,Osupa contributes immensely to your success.If you are not agree with me then change your intonnation and voice to ARABAMBIS.I can not count the number of kings that do call Osupa to come and sing at thier occassions.Saheed Osupa ni baba,if you dnt agree with me come to my house walahi talahi there is no space again in my rooms to pack his albums.

  74. Dnt let people discaurege u saheed osupa fans bcoz he is a guy dat sang wit wisdome and knowledge.King dnt let yr fans down keep doing well may Almighty Allah be wit u all d time.

  75. noting to say but malaika can never do it to saidi osupa have u forget that this guy called saidi have born malaika instrument a long time a go after that malaike travel to america and buy another instrument from there so

  76. Olame were you there when Saidi burnt Malaika’s instrument?

  77. thanks so much i was small but i leave at island odunfa street where malaika leave and he also beat him with his gangs at national theather

  78. after born his instrument 1999 malaika travel to usa and buy another instrument from there, saidi travel to ilorin to perform there in 1999
    i listing to saidi osupa b4 but now i can’t buy his cd

  79. Let’ s leave sentiments at the moment King Dr. Saheed Osupa is the best.Nigerian we are fond of sentiment when we are judging people and this results in greediness that is affecting our economy and household at the moment.You are free to follow anybody u llike but don’t condemn others that follow their heart too,this extnds to football too.We hav freedom to anything so let’s stop condemnind each other.Oluaye has paid his dues but at the moment oooohhh Osupa lo mi igboro titi

  80. King Saheed Osupa endorsed World wide 2 be the most talented, motivated n inspirational muscian so fa.

  81. At present,do you know the three fuji musicians that we have?so,u dnt knw,well,i will tell you.They are THREE,Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde(MFR),King Dr Saheed Osupa and Others.

  82. Thanks to every1 that have contributed to this issue. i love all of them, but i think saheed shouldnt let his stayed in Ajegunle b4 contribute to his famous now. he should organise himself as a mature man. he may be good in composing music, maturity is what we need here. if truely is a good singer he should learn hw to manage ppl and interact with them not by moving round with thugs.

  83. Mr. Dele,can you just mention any fuji musicians or even those that are singing hip hop that does’nt have thugs as friends or lovers.e jo e ma je ki a fi ete sile ma pa lapalapa.Even our leaders make use of thugs especially before and during elections.have you interract with Osupa one on one before?I learnt that there are angels that are even singing around GOD.On the day of judgement i will beg God to allow OSUPA to join these angels to sing for everybody.

  84. am into music marketing and promotions based on grassroot i do streets promotions to clubs,jionts,hotels,bars,fastfoods, i also market and distribute musical works and do packaging and branding and record label marketing plan in lagos Nigeria i have worked for so many succesful Nigeria artist home and away,ie true story album 2007.streets promotions of timaya,kel for capital hill records 2009.weirdmc happy day 2010.deebee of the collabo fame 2009.sonny man inspirational dbanj mixtap Nigeria musical artist and producer based in north carolina also ran mixtap promo rip dagrin 2009 worked with many big names in marketing and street dj and club circulation have my team or street promotional soldiers campein. many believe am the bigest name in street promotions and promotional plan because i am also one of Nigerians youngest grassroot promoter and motivational speaker involved in using entertainment as a key to youth empowernment and personality branding and business and company promotions on streets across west africa,NIGERIA Lagos and i have my office in ub 142 ubakason plaza alaba international market which is today one of african bigest distribution center of Nigeria music and films.if u want me to invlove in a promotional or marketing project street promotions of business and campein by using stickers,posters,banners and concept grassroot plan call my number on +2348085088437 or send mail to DANNY MUSIC PROMOTIONS AND MARKETING STREET CAMPEIN COVERAGE for verbal info call phone line.

  85. I took my time to read everybody contributions to the fighting in FUJI industry and i am ashame,cos i believe we should use our precious time doing some other good thing.pls leave this people alone,they are enjoying their business and the only marketing stratedgy they believe on is fighting among themselves,if not why shlould they be using their music to preach to people on good behaviour,good governance etc and they cannot even practise it among themselve or in their fuji industry/kingdom. i see ALL of them as PROPHET OF DOOM.

  86. Mr.Jyde,it is inhumane to call all fuji musicians prophet of doom.i believed if some of them cannot be your fathers to you at least they can be elder brothers.You can not say bcos there is dispute among them we start calling them “devil”.Even in churches and mosques disputes and misunderstanding do occurred.Can we say bcos of that all pastors and Imams are prophet of dooms?So,Mr. Jyde,mind your comments.

  87. Osupa is the real king of music to me i love him so much ,and i pray God should bless him more .fuck pasu and k1

  88. osupa is only a 1-way singer whose composition is absolutely on befalling others with abusive, proverbial and bad undertones. Wasiu is all in one with good composition and apropos music that suits any contextual ceremony – uncompairable!. Paso is an handsome young man who is celebrated over a wide range for a pronounced two decades . He became the 1st fuji musician to become an ambersador to GLO – his pictorial style of posture show-worthy in banks and highways. MITV Advertisement, public interviews and all recognitions hitherto. Paso apart from the Hip-hop features also talented with loving voice enviable to peers. The likes of Malaika, Atawewe, Safejo, Remi, Muri etc all have a better voices than Osupa.
    Osupa is not a king, as later remonstrated by Barry!
    Why is he copying Paso in style of dressing; posters; behavioural ego on stages e.t.c

  89. Mr.EL-RALPH,your contribution shows that u are not a yoruba,if not you wont av said Osupa dont know hw to compose.Is it being handsome that make Late Fela Anikulapo kuti king of afrobeat?If King Osupa did nt knw hw to compose,i wonder why many Obas in yoruba land are calling him to sing during occassion.For you to be comparing Osupa with Remi Aluko(that i cannot play his music in my home bcs of his voice), shows that you av personal hatred for Osupa.Ask any Original yoruba man who should be the king of music,he will tell you that it is MATAGBAMOLE 1.Even if BARCLAY,the sporsor of English premiership use Paso posture for their logo,Osupa is still his father any day anytime.

  90. Mr Adekola Moruf,you said entertainment is derive from music,can you answer this questions,(1) what is music (2) what is entertainment (3) compare and contrast music and entertainment.I will be happy if you can be able to answer these question,by so doing,you will know what i mean in my previous comments.

  91. i love the king Dr Saheed Osupa, especially during the time of fight between the fuji mucicians

  92. This an avenue to talk sense into head of the self acclaimed fuji king…Saheed Osupa. I want him to remember how Lautech students dealt with him sometimes ago in Ogbomosho when he refused to give honor to whom it is due…real Kings don’t misbehave…I think his attitude is actually unbecoming. He lacks home training. His accomplices should try and caution him or else….Life is sweet

  93. It is also obvious that many people that are writing in on this page are either illiterates, numskulls or ignorant of the fact that nowadays, since life itself is not static people are embracing peace and dialogue and also that Fuji is not what it’s used to be when the likes of Ayinla Omowura was alive. Make you money and I make mine…Not war war. People are called differently so do the prophets of God. Somebody said kings are calling somebody for shows, does that mean these kings are wise???. Lets call a spade a spade and not garden spoon….Ile ko se fi agbara ko. What wiil be yours will surely be yours…Ilesanmi dun joye lo. You can not force or buy people over to respect you, YOU COMMAND RESPECT…He need training on how to comport oneself in the public

  94. somebody that is from typical yoruba race will not say yoruba kings are not wise.No ibo or hausa man will disrespect their obas(emirs and obis) by saying that they are not wise.somebody that is literate and wise will never call contributors on this page numskulls.does that means that lautech is full of hooligans bcos lautech students that i known are decent people.Either they like it or not Osupa is the best fuji musician as of now if they dont agree let other fake obas of fuji go and open sacred empty calabash(igba iwa).Infact during the lifetime of Ayinla Omowura and the rest there was crises as well,abi who can tell me what and who killed Ayinla Omowura?eni baso pe osupa o da tolo lagidi,aje pe o takete,otakete o lala isunmo kolemo…………

  95. Very gud & fine,every1 has contrbted very wel base on hs/her liknes,level of eposure,knowledge,interlectual & fact. But above al, king saheed osupa is not comparable 2 anybody in fuji music nowadays wheather u take it or nt. I’m nt abusing anybody,bt d philosophical quality of his music (osupa) is somethng dt no1 can rubish unles if dt person is sich in brain, I mean if realy we’re talking abt fuji music.I wl ike 2 urge anybody dt wants 2 speak thro ds me medium 2 first apreciate d talent God built in him (osupa) before saying either he is nt handsome or being arongant by ataching those who are enemies 2 his progres.

  96. Pls everybody in the house,whether you are for saheed or K1,i want u all to define the word MUSIC,that relates to our discussion at present.May be from this we could be able to ascertain who a real musician si or not,it may even be that Alhaji Agba himself is not a musician.after our definition,it wil be clear to all of us.Thanks.

  97. Music is an art form whose medium is sound. Common elements of music are pitch (which governs melody and harmony), rhythm (and its associated concepts tempo, meter, and articulation), dynamics, and the sonic qualities of timbre and texture. The word derives from Greek (mousike), “(art) of the Muses.”

    THE CREATION, PERFORMANCE,SIGNIFICANCE, AND EVEN THE DEFINITION OF MUSIC VARY ACCORDING TO CULTURE AND SOCIAL CONTEXT.So from African (YORUBA) context, Music should not be only making sound or noise but passing useful information to the listeners.We cannot use the Americans or British context to define music here in Nigeria. Music can be divided into genres and sub genres, although the dividing lines and relationships between music genres are often subtle, sometimes open to individual interpretation, and occasionally controversial. Within “the arts,” music may be classified as a performing art, a fine art, and auditory art.

    By all accounts there is no single and intercultural universal concept defining what music might be.
    In conclusion King Dr Saheed Osupa do make sound and also pass USEFUL INFORMATION TO THE LISTENERS OF HIS MUSIC and he is still the Indisputable king of music.

  98. Am 4 mr Music 4 life,It only those who knows nothing about Fuji dat wil disputed d authenticity of king bestowed on Saheed Osupa.Fuji music is not only based on entertaining but also d moral lesson u passed across to d public and its impact on d listener.I think dis wat made him stand tall among d fuji musician.

  99. Out of 100% paso 42% osupa 27% mailaka 13% Atawewe 7% Aluko 6% safejo 2% currency 3%

  100. Saheed Osupa is a genius and even a legend in music industry let forget about sentment

  101. these are my own rating:King Saheed 150%,,Paso -5%,Malaika -6%,atawewe -7%,Aluko -9%,Muri thunder -11%,currency -12%.

  102. am 4 fuji music4 life it is only who dont know much about fuji music that are making argument k s o is the best among the fuji musicians saheed is multi talented,rich,strong,and highly connected with reputable kings in nigeria also he is educated from ibadan poly. while PASO is famous,merely talented, handsome,hypocrite, no educationnal background no doubt about that he is a pretender coward you can now see the disparities between them.

  103. Mr. Ahmed Olaleke,you are very correct.dont mind them.they are nothing but “olote”

  104. I see no reason why you should be comparing that Lunatic Pasuma with OBA ORIN KING SAHHED OSUPA… Guy take a look at it King Saheed Osupa music would inspired you beyond your imagination. Pasuma is a senseless guy his musiu does not have meaning you can learn it anything from it. Let look at the poeple that usually listen to King Saheed Osupa Educated people because his music has meaning. King Saheed Osupa 4 in 1 albums which none Fuji Musician has done before. And the Albums sold more than 3 Millions copy yet fools like Pasuman his Fans they were saying Nonsense. Him his self can’t even realsed 2 in albums any more. Just realizing just 1 album I hate because he does not have talent music. His just a problem to Fuji Music industry because main looking at him..He has very cool face but inside he has lot of bad character.



  105. Osupa No comet u are 2 much

  106. Osupa ni baba.

  107. Please all saheed osupa fans could u please tell ur king to talk of somfin else and stoppin metioning pasumas name whever his singing.I bet ma life is not gonna come up wif sonmfin good.saheed osupa ke gosh is just too rarz for me man.

  108. Pasuma his the most famous and richest among them so what are we talking about.osupa gbafun ko kose lowo oga e glo ambassador.


  110. Thanks for the article i really like it..

  111. Let’s forget abt who is the best & look 4 ways 2 settle d misunderstandings in d fuji industry.

  112. baba oloye sule adio atawewe, one luv. bone wey no strong but wey dey count cool cash!, i tuaelay u o. etu osi oba oje!

  113. all fuju musician my advise 4u guyz is to let u know that there is love in sharing an its going to be cool if u guyz can make good things together, most especially alh sule atawewe i want to tell u that i love ur music always an god will keep blessing u day by day. baba oloye akile 1.nothing do you!

  114. Hahaha,i laughed,how can malaika compare himself to osupa,he is in the class of muri ans safejo,elegbe mo egbe e now

  115. all osupa,cant you advice him,u grow up in Ajegunle does not mean u should be arrogant.nw that he suppose to claim big boy is still fitting like thurgs.

  116. This guys are equally good.4get about making sense or not,it all depends on the kind of message u prefer.anybody can sit down and compose songs based on teaching/education or entertainment.since osupa has been singin he has never anything new or diff from what we have been hearing from our fathers since nevertheless he is tryin and so also paso’s effort in the entertainment world can not be underestimated.they are both after money anyway.

  117. tanx for all ur comment, bt der is 1 ting to correct dnt ever av it in mind dat osupa,paso are more richer dan malaika bcos u dnt even kw im if not u wont say dat bcos dis guy is nt lousy does nt mean he dnt av money oooooooo haha he is Stinky rich anybody who com closer to dis people will no wat am talking abt (satiramon,aleshi,& other) a word is enough 4 d wise

    nw back to d talk saheed live at abina here in surulere is notin to be called wat is d fuss abt im? he only claim dat malaika broke his car glass to wipe away the former talk abt burning of instrument dats all, even wen afeezco brought dis car to him d car is nt his own den sohe took d car to saveges house a.k.a baba oja on environmental day savegee told him dat y most he come wen he kws dat environmental its still on dat if any police man sud harassed im dat wat cud he do,d next day dat was d day of d incident .pls note dat Malaika do nt even kw anytin dey said it der self Lati Ebedi was der Salala,Toheeb Alasi and I was der we ar many bt d funny part of it is he dnt it and nt even feel reluctant dats jst d bad side of im assert frm dat i like im as a person .even dat was wen afeezco came into agreement wit im 4 three record in replacement of that car . i swear any dat can takle dis sud swear to it too.

    abt Pasuma all i no is dat his d evil among all bliv me bcos i c no reason y u wil instigate Malaika against dis guy, people said u ar fine yer bt its does people dat doesn’t c u wen u ar nt on stage u always go 4 make up b4 coming to perform in any of ur music either stage or record,u instigate K1 against dis guy wat is ur problem u av bin d most achievers in fuji music feature by d hip hop artist and yet u still gossip around , btt i want u guys to pls note sometin pls dis guy ar nt dat rich dey ar just being mobile dey ar nt hungry as well so d last tyme am in d midst of dis so called Malaika u wil note dat he’s humble very friendly as not in common with dis guys som1 asking him he said all does talk dat is nt interested .

    abt Malaika he is very cool boi dat day very much okay at my own understand very nice cool guy even he talk neutral nt against anybody even no mater d question b given to im he didnt criticize i swear talk on behave of everybody , bt d day i almost hate im before dis day i mention i saw im at Ebutte Metta road with dis latest Quest bus obstructing d road wit is car i swear i nearly hit im wit my car assert frm dat am less concern abt im okay even dat day i mentioned previously he jst bt a new jeep nw even more costly dan Crysler …..dats y i said u dnt judge dem by face bcos u dnt evn no der pocket .

    paso bought crysler of 2.2 million to intermediate osupa rush imself too it

    malaika bought infinity of 4.7million dats was wat remove im frm osupa interrogation on his car class .

  118. why dat alabi pasoma have no celebrate him house?

  119. hi

  120. i lov u osupa, who be dat fucking paso. Mr. Music dnt worry dey are just sababi, coz, no sababi, no kadara. Ogo re is world wide. Ejo lan je, baba suliya ejo lan je, a tun ti gbejo ka’na te jo ba ti wa jinaa.

  121. Osupa really cool, I like his style.


  123. Osupa is just the best, he can do whatever with the choice of words and still make sense.No one else as that musical dynamism, that is why he will continue to be on top of the game.He his a hard worker and does a lot of research before singing. He is the true King. He as challenge anybody to a contest, if anybody feels he deserve the crown more than Osupa then take the challenge simple as that.

  124. Hello king saidi osupa the olumo of matagbamole my require about the the osupa is more talent too mi because i like the music

  125. Well,thats what we call individual differences! But for me,i know Pasuma is a world star and i will like him till i die.YES,NO ONE ELSE MORE THAN YOU”ALABI PASUMA WONDER ARABANBI 2ND”Love you too much.

  126. i like both sheed and sule alao but osupa should reduce his arroganism act

  127. i love all d advice nd comment so far.god has blessed both pasuma,saheed.malaika nd d rest.i implore them all 2 b one.but there’s dis stupid comment 4rm ben.dat guy is not a peacemaker.why d abuse.god bless all good contributors.

  128. osupa is too big to accuse malaka if he did not see him do it,anyway i think i like his style of music more than any fuji artist alone side adewale ayuba

  129. Malaika is well behaved person I tink if dis guy is not a fuji misician he will a celebrit,he is handsome,gentle he don’t words in is mind he rather say it so dat it can be solved@paso he is also a good guy and is a talented.@osupa he is empty barren dat just making noise every if u have money de money will speak insteady of shoultiin around dat u have moni,u really need adviser

  130. Sule alao is a well trained guy nd he cudnt do such a thing to his colleague despite all d rift between them. I think its just a blackmailing

  131. We thank God now d rift is setle,saheed osupa is an humble person u can trace it from his insperation music

  132. I’m a neutral person on this issue, in fact I’m not a fan of fuji music but having red all the comments so far, I think Osupa got more favourable comments on his side than others, this shows he deserved the kingship. May be I’m wrong but I think if we by election, whoever scores the highest votes emerged as the winner. I’ll implore everyone of them to bury their hatchet let peace reign. I’m Proud to be a yoruba! Heywhy 4rm Qatar.

  133. I’m a neutral person on this issue, in fact I’m not a fan of fuji music but having red all the comments so far, I think Osupa got more favourable comments on his side than others, this shows he deserved the kingship title. May be I’m wrong but I think if we go by election, whoever scores the highest votes emerged as the winner. I’ll implore everyone of them to bury their hatchet and let peace reign. I’m Proud to be a yoruba! Heywhy 4rm Qatar.

  134. I will 2 no 2 u

  135. king saheed osupa is the best musicial and is great fuji

  136. olohun ko ma showa ni baba kori wa sunwa bare gbogbo n taba dawole komayori si rere aseyori nikoko baba etesiwaju pelu dada tiyin don’t ear 4rom any bad advice suces

  137. I lv king of music…saheed osupa

  138. I will b very grateful if u can give me this ipod

  139. suley malaika his mature guy he cant do dat bad habbit but if he knw abt d incindent god wil judge it am sharafa your frnd broda suraju at ajegunle Ifonkanbale gbo gbo ile

  140. I dont think malaika among those who destroy osupa’s car.

  141. I luv email.

  142. Which album is the best seller between barrybration by king saheed osupa and proper music by sule alao malaika

  143. let allow peace to rain,my fans of fuji music.most espesiall sule alao malaika and others

  144. saheed osupa baba agba je we lo joooooor u pass dem 4 me & my family will no fee do wait out ur music i pray dat God bless & ur family amen babooo

  145. Olufimo 4 life. Kose duro wo, bose n lo la n tele.

  146. Alayeluwa,jagaban,madiba,imeku, i luv ur music,different message in each album.u a’r 2 much,can’t wait 2 watch d video clip of proper music,may God continue 2 strenthing u,u av al wat it takes 2 b a king,TIACHOKI can’t 4get u kabiyesi fun gbogbo awon elegbe both home and abroad. Alayeluwa 4 more war in fuji music industry,Tnk God.

  147. I luv all fuji muscian

  148. I lyk king saheed osupa matagbamole 1 oluomo of mushin

  149. Sule alao malaika is so reasonable more dan dat,so he can do such a thing. Saheed osupa lies against him.

  150. Kudos to all fuji fans across d world I hav read all d coment but rember dat k1 said iwonikan ko nadeleyeayefun aimoyelobe toretiore oluwa why ore oluwa com 4 saheed osupa and arabanbi plp disagred with God if barry crown saheed as king of music if aranbanbi leader neglet dat side nobody can hear osupa voice but by destiny of GOD all aranbanbi tacle him and osupa overcomm all of them bcoz he still remain
    a strong man in fuji musician. all osupa fans don’t answer muri or safejo both are ingrate to osupa. And liv GOD to geoge dat side.ALHAJI KING DOCTOR SAHEED OSUPA OLUFIMO MATAGBAMOLE IFOKANBALE countinue to sing excellence music 4 us and ALLAH be U Ur famy and OSUPA FANS through out d Federation AMEN ooooooooooooo

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  152. Osupa baba agba jewun lo. You get mouth 2uile.baba oo ooooo

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  154. Those of fuji musician they don’t to figth bcos all of them they are entertainer to people in the world. I love the way they are sing, but I love King Saheed Osupa more.

  155. Am a true fans of king sulaimon alao adekunle malaika alayeluwa of fuji music world wide no mater wat osupa said or frame about Madiba,Ikeanobi,Erujeje,it only increase an inspired my love 4 da king of new an recent generation,omo malaika….

  156. KING SULE ALAO MALAIKA is a peace going person,listen 2 our album PEACEMAKER,we malaika’s fans are also not trouble maker,my xcellent singer,dancer,composer and handsome looking man,whom every body see as a GOD GIFTED person ALAYELUWA ma se faaji ee lo,eni olohun oba feran loma polee ooo…

  157. 9ice i always enjoy your rhyme keep it up guy i love you

  158. Is just that person that not have ones type will not know is value my king please forgive them they are just ur children (o8132614464)


  160. Good muic

  161. Mr Malaika is jst a simple man not comparable 2 Mr Osupa i dnt listen 2 fuji bt i love Sule Alao Malaika

  162. Hmm it seems like your website ate my first comment (it was extremely long) so I guess I’ll just sum it
    up what I had written and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog.
    I as well am an aspiring blog writer but I’m still new to the
    whole thing. Do you have any tips for newbie blog writers?
    I’d genuinely appreciate it.

  163. Osupa is a big fool for accusing Malaika in such way, did he take Malaika to b an arrogant as he was? Malaika is matured nd wel trained wit wit reasonable background unlike him dat grew up as miscreant, when he burnt malaika instrument @masamasa in 1999 did malaika accused anybody or finger @anybody nd is very obvious dat he did it, or ltv8 incident dat same yr, osupa should just relax it’s nt by age stature it’s by xposure nd popularity

  164. all those calling themselves osupa followers they’re bird of d same feather dat flock 2geda simple english they can nt compose,

  165. herdjyhoon or what do you called youself.It is you that cannot compose simple and correct English to the extent that the common idioms you cannot write it it is ” birds of the same feather flock together” and not” bird of d same feather dat flock 2geda” as you posted above.

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