Paul Play Dairo to Woo His Highlife Fans on Next Album

Following the success of Paul Play Dairo’s first ever all R&B album, Hitsville, the Highlife/R&B artiste may be at wit’s end trying to decide what direction his next effort should follow. However, sources close to Paul have disclosed to trend’tainment that his next album will contain materials that will satisfy both highlife and R&B fans of the singer.

“With Hitsville, Paul wanted to reconnect with his r&b audience whom he felt he had ignored in a very long while. He felt a need to carry them along and, as you have witnessed, Hitsville’s acceptance is an indication of how hungry his r&b audience are for his R&B side. However, he also has a very large highlife fanbase that he cannot ignore thus in his next album, he has decided to release a two CDs – one for his Highlife audience, and the other for his r&b audience,” says a spokesperson for Paul Play.

Our sources have indicated that Paul Play has finished recording for the highlife version of his yet untitled album and will commence recording for the r&b album after he returns from Ireland where he will be performing alongside protégées, Ruff Rugged and Raw. Sources also indicated that Paul is not sure at the moment whether to release his cds simultaneously as two separate albums or as a double disk on one album.


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  1. his not popular in togo

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