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Are you an aspiring artiste, producer, singer, songwriter, show promoter, video model, booking agent, dancer, or record label owner e.t.c looking to break big into the naija music industry?

..or do you live in diaspora and you simply seek expert advice on how to launch into the naija music biz circuits?

do you have questions you’ve been dying to ask relating to showbiz…

via my industry contacts..i’m sure i can help you find the answers you’re looking for..

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  1. Hello ! i’m MackN3, i would like to know how to join the group P-Square’s manager for an invitation at concert. Please, send me a message. Thanks

  2. Hi MackN3..not really sure what you asked about. anyway for all enquiries relating to p-square call +2347033607949 or email thanks

  3. I’m the guy…appreciate ur comment on the Dublin stuff…thanks a lot. I really appreciate more ur willingness to help people out in the showbiz stuff.

    My challenge…mynaijanews started just about a year ago…I got on board about six months ago fresh from getiin OND. The challenge now is getting necessary info to keep the site up-to-date, y’know like invites to press conferences and what have you.

    I believe you can help…if yes, please contact me by mail.


  4. hello my name is Ashlie and i am a aspiring artist. i would like to know if you know of any people or company’s that sponsor artists….i have big dreams but i am still in need for help….nigezie is actually playn my video already on their channel the song is called akwete by ashlie ft joe genuis……if u could help by any means possible please let me know.
    Thank you,
    Ashlie Trimnell

  5. thnx on the add to ur blog roll.dirtyhiphophead

  6. I’m an artist and need to get tjoe’s contact…need to do some biz with him if possible.

  7. i am a very good looking guy capable of doing anything that has to do with entertainment…i am currently a photography model..i need jobs …if there is anybody who can help me ,i am curiously waiting please… num 2348057083774….i will alsomlove to feature in any mo hits video shoot…

  8. Hi.

    My younger brother is on a record label in the US and we are seeking a reliable means of penetrating the music market in Nigeria.Do pls let me know or have the number and address of a reliable music marketing company.


    Naijamusicbiz says:

    Hi Femi,

    there are 3 steps your brother needs to take before gunning for a marketing deal here in Nigeria.

    step 1: He’ll have to test the marketability of his music here in Nigeria. there are several ways to test the market which i can’t get into right now. but if you want more info on that pls call the number on my About Me page.

    step 2: the next step after testing for marketability is to get a good media presence after which he can move to

    step 3: securing a marketing deal.

    by the time your brother goes through steps 1 and 2, its most likely that he will be contacted by the marketers.

    holla at me if you need more info. thanks


  9. Am an R&B/HIPHOP naija flavoured) base in Abuja. I have some singles that people have actually confirmed nice. 2 of them are being played on AIr (radio). I need to do video on at least one of them or better still get a recording negotiation with a nice company. Can u be of help in these regard? Am waiting.

    Thanks for the work.

  10. would love to be a video jockey

  11. hi, i want to be a musician, i have recorded one song and am looking 4 sponsor.
    i always dreamed of becoming a musician. just try and listen to my music and u wount regreat it. pls if there is sombody who can help me, i would be glad.

  12. You guys should tell me how my video can get to you.this will be the second time i will be sending this.pls tell me.

  13. how can i send my video to you?

  14. I’m damilare oloyede the GM of CLIMXWORLD ENTERTINMENT we are into the following services ; artiste mangement entertinment promotion award packaging online jounalism etc. presently can you send to my box some cretive artiste we can sign on our label.

  15. Need a contact for P-Square’s management please

  16. Hi Sjoko, you can contact p-square via email or you can call +2347033607949 for enquiries

  17. hi im a hip hop presenter in naija here…dealin only wit naija hip hop…will b happy if u can contact me by email.

  18. hi there,
    I’m into music production.. and as far as music is concerned i think i’m good at what i do., perhaps you listen to some of my instrumentals someday. well, i just hope this is real and i hope you can give me some professional advice on this and how to break into the industry, if possible hook me up with several artists. i specialize on insrumentals alone 4 now. i do hip hop, r&b and dance hall.
    i’m looking up to you
    take care and stay cool.

  19. Hi Ope!!

    it’ll be nice if you uploaded a sample of your instrumental so i can listen to it, then probably give you some contacts that may be interested in your sound.

    as for professional advice on how to break into the industry well, for a producer all you need is to get the right artiste that’ll do justice to your beat. if the song scores a hit, bang!!there’s a thin line between becoming the rave of the moment producer and being a one hit all boils down to your Pr strategy- i.e after you’ve scored a hit song.

    i’m currently rebranding the blog to include music biz tips for all looking to break into the naija music scene. also working on a FREE ebook, where i’ll share insider’s secrets to music industry success. i suggest you subscribe to this blog and i’ll keep you posted.


  20. Hi
    Shank’s album iz hot and out………Pls he needs show….
    for his management

  21. Hi Adam, not sure which “you” you are referring to! is it monster Musiq Nigezie or the blog? if its the blog you could upload your video on you tube and send me a link!! thanks

  22. hi,
    i would like to know why almost all our artist seem to produce their songs using the US dolar rather than our naira, is it that it is not good enough or what?
    I think they should try to boost our currency and economy by showing it of in their songs for recognition in other places and also the sites and environment of great Nigeria, because we dont see other artist using anything more than their own currency.
    I hope this is looked at and considered a suggestion and not so much as a critcism -though it should be- to be payed attention to.


  23. Please there is this blogger i have been checking out recently and he keeps on writing all sorts of stuff.firstly i would like to know if HHWA 2009 winners got leaked cos this guy claims to have the list.

    the blog is

  24. Hi Yemi

    the HHWA 09 did not winners yet. hope you know the event has MTN as its major sponsors. what i’m trying to say is that votes via sms will definitely count. without the votes coming in it’ll be difficult to decide who wins. guess he was only being prophetic..u know how sports fans predict winning sides before the game..dat kinda stuff!!

  25. Hi Yemi

    the HHWA 09 did not winners yet. hope you know the event has MTN as its major sponsors. what i’m trying to say is that votes via sms will definitely count. without the votes coming in it’ll be difficult to decide who wins. guess he was only being prophetic..u know how sports fans predict winning sides before the game?..dat kinda stuff!!

  26. Hi mercy!! do u know there is a ban on spraying of Nigerian currency in public? there was this joke making the rounds among artistes about spraying dollars instead..i guess some are taking it a lot more seriously.. lol

    Anyway, in an era where western union, control numbers, credit card etc are the order of the day, a lot of our youths are more dollar hungry.. i guess Nigerians can relate to a young hustler spraying dollars than the Naira.

    … but i share your view all the same..good point. i’ll conduct a survey and write an article on it. thanks for the story idea Mercy.






  28. my is solomonn aka j’ a artist and i need jiggyjegg contact’d guy dat produce enter place by 2face.or if u have any good produce that can do a verry good party song,pls contact me on my no 08027214714 or pls help me wit any record label that need a artist pls contact me thanks.

  29. Hi Mr.Babs,Nice site.

    I’m Femi Lawal CEO/Co-Founder of Mega Points International (Africa’s First Independent
    A&R/Promotion Company) a global talent scouting and music promotion company connecting Africa’s potential talents to the global music industry.

    Kindly take your time to visit our website to check our new launched service package “MUSIC PLACEMENT” . it is a specially designed for potential unsigned and independent musicians that are seeking for music deals for more details


    Thanks Femi!! I checked it out. great site u got there. i’ll definitely link to your news articles thereby “spreading the word.” please feel free to contact me anytime. email addy is thanks

  30. I am glad to finally find a website well informed on Naija music industry. I have alot of questions but will only bother you with the most important since I have no other way of contacting you directly.

    I would like to know the best P.R. agencies in Nigeria as far as getting your product (for radio, video and other top media outlets).

    I do appreciate your time and would hope we can go into depth one on one.

    Keep doing what you do and God bless.

    SickahThan6 Entertainment.

    Hi Avalanch,
    cud you please call me on 08067483754 or email: if i know the kind of product you wanna promote, i’ll know the best PR agency to recommend. thanks

  31. hi babajide, am a rapper, singer, songwriter and a video director, i really need a manager badly.
    you and the management crew can see my profiles on or go to and search for young pizzy to listen to my songs.
    waiting for ur reply.
    young pizzy

    Hi Young Pizzy,
    I’ll forward your links to a couple of managers and hopefully, I’ll get back to you. keep your fingers crossed ok?

  32. Hey!! How u doin??
    I would really love to become something at a young age: either a model, video girl, something 2 do wiv fashion or just become an advertiser.
    Have u got any ideas, help or suggestions for ,me any links?

    Hi Yafa,
    wud u luv to be a Veejay instead.. got flair?… spontaneous and wild? pls email me photos and i’ll hook u up for an addy’s thanks

  33. Naija base hip hop group newly released singles heat up over 400 digital radio stations

    PRESS RELEASE: Naija base hip hop group newly released singles heat up over 400 digital radio stations.

    June ,2009.

    For Immediate Release:

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    The song is yet to be officially release for terrestrial and satelite radio airplay, it was only released digitally and just a week to it release the the two songs are currently heating up over 400 digital radio stations across Europe and US.

    Demand for the song is high, the group had been booked for over 20 interviews.Mike aka the Myth ,who is the group vocalist have this to say; it hard work, it not easy though but we thank God and our management for believe in us .Now see what is already happening prior to the release of the songs to terrestrial radio stations.

    Victor aka VTek the youngest guy in the group and the group producer / rapper is also making name for himself as since the release of their double singles demand for his productions as rise. Calls coming from their part of the globe, that is what digital promotion can do; it spread like a wild fire ,i can’t believe this is happening to us at this time of our career- Vtek.

    Emmanuel aka Nuel the guy with the Afro flow mix that show the root of the group as African is a guy to watch out for also. To him what is going on is not just a day job, it took them time to restructure things, it hard coming out from a place where the current industry scene is full with guys doing almost the same thing and you bring out a new flavor. That was why our debut album will be title “REVOLUTION” .

    It a good thing that people who know music from all across the globe are backing this young guys up .
    Visit their web link to listen to their newly release double singles and make your comment on the newly released singles.

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  34. Hello
    Am trying to get my new song played on here…how do i go abt it please..thanks

    Hi samDee,

    pls email me an mp3 version. i’ll listen to it and recommend radio djs that’ll most likely play your song. email addy’s

  35. Im a young talented girl. Im good at writing, blogging, Im very photogenic, Im good at advertising stuff, basically im extremely talented.

    Anyone got some links or anything?

  36. Hi, i’m Sammaking. a young, good looking n aspiring muzic artist, Talented with a skilful song writing n vocal ability, Also a music producer in the making. All i need is some1 who believes in saving dreams, seizing n utilizing big time investment opportunities. Contact 07035294580

  37. This could be the next big thing, im working with some other people right now, I just want to advertise the site & make people notice it and benefit from it good.

    Site called: Talent Promotion & business
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  38. Hello Naijamusicbiz,
    This is Tony Patrick a.k.a. TP-Rhymes,
    I live in Europe, I am set to release my album in Nigeria,
    made some contacts though, but not too sure.
    Do you have any advise for me?
    check me out on

  39. Hey am an aspiring rapper and really need a record label to explode my wings. I would love to GET the contact to W.F.A record label or if u could help me suggest or get one for me i will be gratefull thanks

  40. where can I get nigerian mixatapes

  41. click on my name above and search through the site n surely you’ll find something about naija music and mixtapes, follow the blog or subscribe to be updated with the latest info.

  42. Good day sir/madam,please canyou help me with mode 9’s label contact or web addres?
    or please if u know the addreses of managers who are ready to manage unsigned hiphop artists please send it to me.thanks

  43. Hello fam,
    Emmanuel Peters you can contact us regarding the record label issue.

    And for Birma- you can get free hot Nigeria tracks via our upcoming “HYPE BLAST” free distributed Artists Licensed- Dj mixtape. Contact us to request a from copy ok.

    And for any potential Nigeria Artists who wanna be on the mixtape drop us a message on the above email ok.

    I am out.

  44. goodday, please, can you be of help in sending me a contact of terry g cos i want him to cook the beats for some of my songs


  46. i want to give thanks to this blog site, this site have contributed to the help of alots of unsign musicians like me. thanks man

  47. Babajide, your concept is a rare novelty in the music industry and it’s impressive how you’ve dedicated good efforts in helping the numerous talents in Nigeria. Well done bro.
    I’m managing a new entertainment outfit which opened last year in Jos, we’re expanding to Lagos with new shows targeted towards the end of the year. I’d like to get creative minds like you on board to work in partnership with the newly-created 247 media. We have upcoming shows that will involve a national audience. Within the few months of creation, we’ve used 247 as a channel to discover upcoming talents – that we’re working with for now – in music and modeling. We’ve also partnered with government and private bodies to create innovative contents that will promote more Nigerian talents. Your contribution will open us to more opportunities and an avenue to expand and impact more Nigerians who are passionate about innovative entertainment. Thanks.

  48. Hi I will like to know why nija has not heard or help support Africa’s best emcee in my opnion INTERNATIONAL MONEY ( ). this dude is 25 yrs originally from nigeria and he is reppin for motherland out here in the US like no other african is in my opnion. i live in atl and i just saw this guy at a show last week with Serius jones ( LUDACRIS DTP ARTIST) a famous and upcoming artist out of new jersey but he got on stage and rip it for africa lyrikally. he in my opnion is what afrca need to create a middle groung btw our hip hop and american hip hop. he has image personality and whatever it’s take to be one of africa’s pinoneer in hip hop ( motherland baby nigeria was where i was born/ d beat hard but i ll take charge like murder one/ no case cos i beat it like a talkin drum/ but still they try to judge me kos of where am 4m ) now dats clever to me and he doesn’t write like d likes of jay z and lil wayne. i really think you guys should check him out

  49. am in love with music and looking for someone to bring me up in the way of good music nd most especially teach me how to play the acoustic guitar

  50. i’m a gospel musician with abt 6 self composed and fascinating songs with spiritual sense but dont wanna enter any kind of studio to release album, rather lookin 4 a sponsor and mentoring studio. i’m in ph, 08063195572 thanks & i’m waitin 4 a reply

  51. pls i need details of de face of monster audition.u can send it to my e mail address or my phone number [08037684029] thanks.

  52. I have a PR company and Artist Management company in the united states. Currently I have int’l nigerian acts. Can you point me in the right direction of promoters or companies doing concerts or events. In addition, can point me in the right direction of companies in Nigeria that do corporate sponsorships and/or endorsements. This blog is genius by the way! Thanks in advance.

  53. Hello,
    It has been so disheartening to read so many headlines on artists work piracy, both on the video and Audio discs. Our Information Technology firm is into software research and designs. recently our group of software experts just came up with a new solution that can stop the ugly trends in nigeria and give our artists and actresses the freedom to enjoy their works. We need trust worthy people to work with in nigeria and to help us in spreading this good tiding accross to the appropriate quarters who requires our services to save their act works. If you will like to reach me, write to chris: Thank u.

  54. we are really hot and we need a good record label which has the capacity to push out our album.

  55. Record label cannot solve the problem. We need that solution that can outshine the criminals. That is where my solution comes in handy. I know per time people will begin to buy into this idea. It is real and 100% guaranteed.

  56. I have a very successful track record in the music industry, spanning almost four decades.
    I also believe in West African music / musicianship and innovation. I offered 2 Face a major International deal well before African Queen was a hit (a long story) and I currently have one established Naija girl on my label, Uru, and have just signed another Naija act, rapper Uzi.
    I have tried to launch my label in West Africa twice. Both times it failed, because, even tough I thought I hand-picked the right people to run the West African operation, in the end immediate greed took president over long-term earning potential.
    So, whereas we could have established a good, well run, honest label in Nigeria, a vehicle from where to launch West African and International acts, now there is ……. nothing.
    Piracy is not the main issue. That can be overcome. The main issue is that a number of people have gotten used to do things “a certain way”. Instead of taking good examples and building on them, they do the opposite.
    The above goes throughout the whole West African music “industry”, from the absolute basics on.
    Want some examples?
    My company runs a world class studio. Some Nigerian acts seem finally to have gotten wise to the fact that, in order to compete Internationally, you have to have a product which is recorded, mixed and mastered well. So, the studio is starting to get enquiries for such things. Here is our experience:
    * Many studio bookings, confirmed, but the artists just don’t show up, meaning there is an expensive studio, engineers etc sitting there doing nothing.
    * Invoices rendered for work done, often at below our normal prices, but we don’t get paid.
    * Files delivered in wrong formats, so we have to spend hours sorting them out.
    And so it goes on.
    In summary, the only idea that really holds true is HONESTY.

  57. I should have added:
    *Exported hundreds of CD’s from the US to Naija to be sold in Nu Metro stores. Never got paid.
    *Sent an artist to West Africa for a 6 weeks promo tour. The worst organized event in …. ever.
    *Had thousands of CD’s printed in Lagos. That’s it, No idea where they are.
    I could go on

  58. link me up with rugged man i really need to meet him………..

  59. Hello,
    Am an upcoming artiste whose got quite a talent but cant explore it,cos of financial constraint,am really a good rapper,i just need a sponsor,or a record label,that i could be signed under and i would pick up from there.

  60. Hi nice site u got here, nd pls i would like u guys 2 help me get in touch with any recording label dat will b willing 2 sponsor me or perhaps kennis music might just b okay, nd also a lesson 2 all deperate unsigned artiste, pls beware of fraud stars nd those who parades dem selves as management of nova studio enterprises cause some guys atempted frauding me of 8,000.000 naira claiming 2 b agent of one nairaland forum, with dis name sam roland nd phone number 08076811394 nd even with dis email address um well, nd about d recording label stuff pls u can contact me on 08091525757. thanks.

  61. You guys are really doing more than a nice job here.We are a group of four musically inclined group of musicians named:D’Guvment.At present we have three of our jobs recorded(demo) and equally have succeeded in shoting a video which is under editing all of which were done from our own pulse.That is we have no sponsor yet.Our kind of music is more a bleed of ‘afro-hip-reggae-gospel-RnB’with an infussion of western feels to give us both local and international recognition.Also, we normally play on live band.

    Consequently,we would want you to get us hooked up for live performance shows or better still sponsorship of our prospective debut album.

    Thanks for the anticipated reply.

    John Kalis of D’Guvment.

  62. HELLO

  63. Hello my name is xavier obiogbolu but knw as tha-chrizzy and am in a crew called tha peace and we re four,we do hiphop and rnb,we have 3 tracks done work with producers like wiz boy and decumzy plz need a record label to sign us and i promise they will not regret the signing thanx and God bless. contact 08064034830

  64. Am Charles Kenneth… Pls I need Wizboy’s contact addresses…

  65. Hi my name is Tikros Emmanuel. A gospel/inspirational RnB/hip hop/Dance hall artist with one of the newest international standards and world class, state of the art 8 tracked album is looking for a record label that produces gospel/positive minded music. The songs are all new songs, no remix of any kind. Higly diversified and inspiring. Contact me on this number 08068660194 or my email through I vow to deliver. Thank you.

  66. Hi man i’m an aspiring artist, song writer, a rapper nd also an instinct producer. i need you guys to help me in search of a good omo yoruba, who speaks so flowently nd within the south south zone thanks! 07031515670.

  67. Hi man i’m an aspiring artist, song writer, a rapper nd also an instinct producer. i need a contact for a yoruba guy who speaks so flowently nd within the south south zone thanks! 07031515670.

  68. I am a very talented gospel music artist based in Lagos-Nigeria. I,ve just released a ten track album, titled ‘flying higher’, and is currrently being promoted in some radio stations in Lagos. I will be grateful if you can link me up with an experinced gospel music marketer/label to take the music to the world. My contact phone number is 07038776190. Be blessed.

  69. sir,i’m an up coming artist,and an undergradute student of lagos state university,300level accountimg. i’v been on this game 4 a while now with tight track but i dont av some one to help me or link me up with the world.sir,my one of my track is in the music libery of many nigerians but i’m not known bcus,i aint gat money or knowthe right pple tohook up with.sir,some one gave me this site,and i will be very happy if u can kindly help me stage name is BEE’JAY. Thanks for ur coperation.

  70. Fresh from the crates…..It’s Joezy on this one. Download and enjoy good music. You would be glad you did. I’ll get your comments “when I see u”.!/joezy

  71. my name is temi tope omowaye martins. and my stage name is tee prof.
    am a good talented artise with the belive that one day i will be one of nigeria superstar in nigeria with god almighty. and by the time i become a star i will like to be one of kennis music star. and here is one of my hit track sexy america. and website check it out its a lovely songs so far and many more thanks a lot and god bless amen. a k a tee prof.

  72. hi!my name is kel breezy and am a young upcoming RAP/HIPHOP artist 15yrs of age,av got 3 demos which are making big impacts cos of d way d raps sound,am simply searching 4 a label which i can be a part of and be able 2 show d world wat av got and put it clear dat age is only just a number….pls if u can help me wit dis i will be very numb is 08165154608 or 08139078972.thanks

  73. hi my name is an artiste,have done an album featuring timaya,tj2solo nd rayanT bt it floped coz of a bad label management..hav done a new single titled*godess of beauty*nd stil hav gud sngs 2 dat i compose wit my lookin 4 a new label 2 deal wit nd…thanks big man

  74. hello i am festus a Nigeria but base in Ghana, a gospel music artist and i have written at least 18 gospel song like gospel hip hop cruise praise and worship songs and ragea too but none has been produce and i have not even do a demo 4 the songs cos of no money i just need a promoter that can help me get to where i want to be u can call me 4 audition i just need some one to have faith in me or believe in my dream please help me now.

  75. I am festus, a nigerian but based in Ghana i am a gospel music artist i have written at least 18 songs thatlike hip-hop cruise praise and worship songs. have not been produced cos of no money to do so not even a demo have been done i just need some one to trust my dream and help me get there thank u.

  76. I’m a 13 years old singer/rapper and I play 5 musical instruments.I consider my self talented .I think most nigerian teenagers would love to listen to a youger person of around my age .like justin bieber .but I have no promotion to email adres is

  77. My name is peter,i am a 15 yrs old singer,rapper n song writer wit ova 20 songs.pls i nid u 2 hook me up wit people,companies n label dat r interested in bringin up young artistes like me.i also nid u 2 hook me up d contact n addres of hypertek contacts r n 08094215963.expectin ur reply

  78. Do you have what it takes to get feature on our music blogsite: for free hype and place on our mp3 blast campaign to internet radio. Call:07031611402 or drop us an email

    Mega Points International is always on the move helping Nigerian independent artists

    Mega Points International
    Africa’s First Independent A&R/Promotion Company

  79. hi,am an r&b nd hipop artist,i have my album package its also on radio fm like beat nd rainbow fm,i just want to hook me on any kind of contact number is 07051126521 and u can also listen to my new single on my wall on face book profile cizzy declan.thanks

  80. Hi,my name is frank izuchukwu,stage name fk black,an actor,musician &photogragher.i started in 2001 with acting,dropped my first album in 2007 & right now promoting a video track of my 2nd album which was shot by music africa in december 2010.the video is 1 month old on air but i really need to hook up with genuine & friendly marketer,event manager & promoter to push it more.i would also want 2 cover programmes as regards 2 photography.i stay in lagos presently.will b glad if im hooked up.i do good music both gospel & circular,hippop & r/ email &fone num,,08033889113.

  81. Hello Naija music biz,
    Am an rnb hiphop artist,i want a market deal in nigeria,my songs are the hittest rnb hiphop song rigth now in jozi,south africa,i am from nigeria both based in S.A.Please advised me on this,my music name is (paradise ningas)

  82. hi am edge.what’s really happening in our entertainment industry now?the major stories.

  83. Hello peep, just came across this Music Site,, wow it out of this world
    For Artist Promotion and networking , and if FREE
    If you are looking for a place to promote your music is the place

    If you want to listen and download unlimited Nigerian music they got it all

    am enjoying the site, uploaded my music and it doing very well.. just though i should share with yall .share the love………

  84. My name is Toyosi, i’m a 16year old girl who has much intrest in music, my majour is R&B. I realy want to make a difference in the Nigerian music R&B world nd i need a record label to sign me up before i can actualise my dreams.pls i realy need a record label to sign me up.Thanx

  85. im PRINCE GEORGE. BASED AT D EASTERN PART OF NAIJA. I SING GOSPEL HIP HOP/ HIGHLIFE .my life have been a blessing to many people and i wil like it to get to U. NO SERIOUS CONTRACT DEAL YET bt jst take me up i wil get d world to mind 07068149093

  86. my name is pika,i’m 18yrs old.i do hip hop n rnb.i’ve written over 20 great songs!but rite now my music dwells mainly on hip hop cos dats my calling.i believe with d rite support,i can make naija proud.pls link me up wit a record label…07065022358

  87. my name is pika,i’m 18yrs old.i do hip hop n rnb.i’ve written over 20 great songs!but rite now my music dwells mainly on hip hop cos dats my calling.i believe with d rite support,i can make naija proud.pls link me up wit a record label…07065022358.

  88. HELLO, please check out my songs…i’m open to sponsorship,shows,record label and good management..hope to hear from you soon RINGTONE ‘JEMBE’ ‘MY NAME”

    Ajala Oladapo Oluwatosin

  89. hi, my name is maria
    i dont believe i can write a good song though pple say i can write and sing well,but i dont belive in myself enough to tink i can come out lyk wizkid or olamide.i really need help

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