Aki and Pawpaw banned from playing adult roles

Nollywood actors, Chinedu Ikhedieze and Osita Iheme popularly known as Aki and Pawpaw may be banned by the Marketers and Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) from taking adult roles in movies. The move was as a result of complaints by parents whose kids and teenagers are heavily influenced by the actors. The duo in recent times has played adult roles of questionable character that parents argue have very negative influence on their kids and teenagers.

The chairman of the board of trustees of the guild, Mr. Ifeanyi Dike, stated that the board had been receiving numerous complaints from concerned parents on the issue but they [that is the board] were reluctant to take action at first. Owing to increasing complaints, the board have decided the restrain the actors from playing adult roles especially roles that did not portray them as ambassadors of good moral values.

“Aki and Pawpaw are role models to kids because they help some companies to advertise products like biscuit, sweets among others. So we want them to do more responsible roles,” he said.

Mr. Ifeanyi Dike also stated that henceforth the duo are banned from playing roles that would require them to smoke, romance women or act as peeping toms. Although the chairman of the guild noted that movies with such explicit contents were expected to be viewed by an audience above the age of 18yrs, he was aware that such laws have not been properly enforced in Nigeria and that the ban was necessary in order to reduce the amount of profanity that children were exposed to via Nollywood movies.



  1. i don’t like the issue that Aki and pawpaw don’t play adult films, iam a big fan of them and i like what they are doing,,,,

  2. This is just absurd. i really donot think that they should be punished because of some stupid parent who cannot controll their children. They are adults for crying out load and shouldn’t be treated small despite the fact that they are smal. Nollywood is one wacked industry.

  3. D parents complaining re too irresponsible, Aki and Pawpaw re 2 different creatures 4m their kids. They should note that ( small body no b sickness na nature). It will b unwise of d movie industry 2 ban them 4m taking adult’s roles in a movie. If d parents don’t want their kids 2 get spoilt, then they should ban them 4m watching movies being acted by d 2 young men.

  4. aki and pawpaw should not be restrained from playing adult roles,rather the parernts should restrain their children from watching the duo.i mean there are playing the fun of it,so any parent that sees it otherwise should find other solution and not stoppin this guys their talent,wealth and so on.one love aki & paw paw.emeka

  5. if you take the action against them then that will be a very big mistake. what are they parent for? parent that complained are irresponsible.

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