5 Incredible Facts about Mercy Johnson

Mercy on a Platter!!!Humanitarian at heart!

Mercy on a Platter!!!Humanitarian at heart!

call her whatever you like: sex symbol, street girl with a poor dress sense, whatever!!Mercy Johnson is a Nollywood Star after my heart!!in a recent media interview, the stunning actress revealed the humanitarian in her….

and dispelling the rumors .. No! she’s not dating D’banj; she never had a fight with actress, Rukky Sanda’s over the Kokomaster,(d’banj, that is)..in fact the not-much-of-the-mingling-type Mercy Johnson has never even met either of them!!!  and yes Mercy Johnson is a “not-too-classy” dresser by choice: “I’ll rather sponsor a child than spend N180,000 on a designer bag.” she says.

Anyway here are some incredible facts i found out about Mercy Johnson:

  • She once hawked the streets of Lagos selling sachet water (popularly called Pure Water) -the scars on her leg are a reminder of the her poverty stricken days when she oftentimes fell into gutters/drainage while hawking

  • She used to trek from Navy Town to the National Theatre in search of a spot in Nollywood.
  • auditioned for her first role in a Nollywood flick (The Maid) wearing a worn-out lace attire and flipflops (i.e. bathroom slippers)

  • Not an “outy or clubby” person, Mercy Johnson spends most of her time and money helping the less privileged.

  • she is rated as one of Nollywood’s sexiest actress by her fans but tagged by her colleagues as “low class!” owing to her “non glamorous lifestyle”

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  1. i never really liked you cos to me you look so much like a snatcher,might be bcos of your parts in films.bt reading your story now makes me feel diffrently about you.the lord will cont.to uphold strenghten & bless you.move on the sky is your limit.

  2. I read vicky saying” that the sky is ur limit”but i want to tell you that the sky is only but your begining u are meant to atain a greater hight in life just keep it on and always look up to GOD for he is the author and finiser io ur faith.KWADOSS TO YOU,AND MORE GREASE TO YOUR ELBOUR

  3. i love mercy .infact i wish to be her sister she is the best actress i have ever known.from chikzy my num 08064879248.


  5. mercy johnny is cute.i luv her way.she is worthy of being loved.smarte karez. 08068184465

  6. I am a South African and a fan of Nollywood. I must admit that Mercy gives the established girsl ala Genevieve, Omotolla, Monalisa, Rita etc a run for their money. Though most of the movies of hers are emotional and she plays those parts well, she seems to be versatile too. She can play the slut and be bitchier than any bitch you know.
    And she is just so very attractive!! Real African lady. I luv her…

  7. Keep it up mercy

  8. I wish we re frds i love ur styl alot keep it up. My num 07030864774

  9. As the other person said that never liked you until reading your story so I’m. Please I like you now and I want you to keep good work of your ambition. God who made you what you are today will never let you down. If I may advise you, please if you don’t mind don’t act any harmful role again because your foundation is the tomorrow’s leaders. I hope they’ll like to follow your footstep. Thanks and God bless!


  10. My sweet sister, without been told, you are such a nice person. Don’t mind envy people who do not like seen someone prospering. I love you and your acting, keep it up. God bless you more and more. My name C.J, num: 08063044121, 07070032388. Remaining bless.

  11. you look sexy here

  12. mercy john you are a wonderful creation, for one to spent her earning on the less privileged whaoh, that is incredible. God will bless you continually, you will never lack “cos” givers never lack. i love you, you are my darling sister. dont be tired because your reward is surely waiting for you.

  13. Mercy johnson, i really dnt know how to start with u i swear! Infact u are a rare gene despite the rubbish people are saying about u.I tell u today MERCY wat ever challenges u are facing now are the test u are surpose to take on ur way to greatness,but never give it up for winners never quit.

    I have always seen u from the perspective of nolly wood,but ur interest in HUMANITARIAN service really strikes me. God will never let u down and u shall continue to be on top and ur name shall be written in GOLD.

    I wish i cud just be around u as a friend and give moral support.my Passion in life is to equally go into humanitarian service some day. I really appreciate u.

    Do not be moved with all kind of distracting comments but just remain focus for baba God knows already ur course and will never let u down.

    I ‘ll like to reach u on fone. dis is my num 07039408627 and 08052484176.


  14. Knew she was an Angel.
    something in her eyes tells me she is a good girl true and true.
    God will continue to bless you my dear.

  15. If it is true that you give to the poor, then you have really lived up to your name “Mercy”. May you find Mercy on Judgment day! God Bless you!

  16. mercy’s really a kul, down-to-earth girl, bt one tin is her dangerous dressing. no doubt she’s very sexy but she doesnt nid 2 xpose her body 4 pple 2 knw. also put it 2the back of ur mind that young ones in 9ja r luking up 2u, so pls a lil decency in ur dressing. luv u

  17. mercy doesn’t strike me as d best nollywood actress yet but her humanitarian services are commendable.pls keep it up regardless of whatever pple say.

  18. i wasn’t a big fan of movies til i saw her on a portal dvd player a business partner let me borrow on ma to uk for holidays, Mercy, you’re beautiful inside out due to what u r doing for the needy, physical beauty is out of this world and dont let people get u down by talking all that jubrish…..stay strong and don’t let the fame go to ur head….

    whenever u r in Ghana and wants to hang out, just email me or call ma ghana number, currently in the uk. Blessings sweetie and keep ur head up.07958378343

  19. Dear Johnson, Know to it that u are an Angel. Whatever they say about u; I will never change from the love I have 4 u. I own a movie club here in South Africa known as Hom ‘4’ All Communications and if am upset I will just look at one of ur moives not to watch it but just to see ur face and I would be ok. I have told my friends that after seeing my family u will be the next person to look for when I arrive in Naija, even if it takes me 3 weeks to get hold of u, its fyn by me as I am going to spend 1 month in Naija b/4 I come back to SA. In conclusion, u are the best. Everything about u is perfect, ur looks are wonderful. I do appreciate God for creating a wonderful and beautiful woman lyk u. If u wouldn’t mind, pls do email me or call me on +27 735 133 589. Know to it that I am ur best fan and will never back off. May the Almighty God continue to bless u, amen!!!!!!!!!!

  20. u are born to rule

  21. dont mind wat others are saying bcoz yo better that them yo beautiful, and u have got a future gud luk gal be ma frend i luv u mwa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Yeah, no doubt she’s romantic, dark and lovely.From the very first day i saw her i saw a typical tarlented African beauty queen

  23. I love you Mercy, you are the best.

  24. if angel ever walk on the face of the earth it’s mercy johnson she is my best act i ever wants to watch over and over again she is a star in the future

  25. i wish to be mercy’s friend as well.infact even a sister.i just love her and wants to be around her.i can confidently say that i am her best fan and will do my best to meet her someday in the near future.mercy please if possible let me have your number on my phone which is 0248954818 and God will richly bless you for all your good works.Even my friends know how crazy i am about you.luv.

  26. Mercy, you are a rare gem,I believe in you and in your dreams.I am so happy for you and impressed by you kind of lifestyle.You have been there, and you understand what it means to live in poverty.May the good lord continue to shower his mercies on you and may fortune continue to smile at you.
    Mercy!!! you know what ,ignore all the negative comments, they are mere distractions that you do not need at this face of your life.Go Mercy go Mercy go.I love and dig your style, and as for your colleagues, most of them are jealous.

  27. god is good all the time

  28. mercy truely when it comes to natural endowment you have it in abundance. i love u really but please try as much as possible to cut down on ur mode of dressing u dress like a nudist, thats the only problem u have. apart from it u are an angel. about what ur collegues are saying that u are low class, just take it as nothing and dont let it bother u. luv ya



  31. i really would like to meet you if you think i can be like you pls call me on dis number….. 07031521211

  32. she is so pretty and challenging , she has a heart of gold and is so pretty not only outwardly but inwardly and she is so humble and gentle God bless u and continue to give u strenght like never before more grease to ur elbow sister

  33. mercy johnson that is your name.god has really bless with everything,
    sucess is your nick name

    so my dear belive in yourself and 4get about the world people,let them say whatever they like,god is with you

    my name is monica.from akwa ibom state.
    i love you
    mercy johnson

    act 4 me,your acting is what i love so much, keep it up.

  34. i am Bintou Manneh from de Gambia u lookin cute i love u


  36. mercy wow u are very hot sexy an charming i love mercy keep the light on u are my best



  39. mercy johnson is simlply Godly, good, loving, easy going, caring according to facts about her. my perception of her is that she is a sociable, friendly,and motherly person, and she is a good example of wife material for the right guy who will know her worth and appreciate her and take good care of her and love her good. she is pretty. beautiful, sexy attractive, and goodlooking thats mercy johnson for you she is my top nollywood actress and i like like her a lot

  40. dnt mind wat pple say u are jst d best, u are my walpaper. wish 2 see u….

  41. Hi mercy, i so much admire ur vigour when acting. Keep doing ur best and try improving on ur dressing pattern. U can alwayz make it when u’re decently dressed. U r indeed a star. Kate bassey 4rm calabar. I’d luv 2 b ur friend. My number 07037844961

  42. I luv her,she is gud in acting,n 4 her dressing, wow,i would like 2 have her just 4 2 hours.

  43. I bought a camera fone 2 alwayz save ur pix on my screen. Cos it makes me happy seeing ur face alwayz. I luv girl my num. 08034612469 by Austin

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  45. it doesnt matter who she was in the past .if God says he will lift you up, he will surely do that. Mercy tot she will never reach but just look at what God has done for her? That is how life is.you need to start from somewhere to get to somewhere.thank God for her life and continue to pray for her to reach where she really wants to be.

  46. i love u gal….God bless u…

  47. i love u mercy and i wish to be like u some day. u are my role model

  48. HI Mercy, you are wonderful for being kind to people. God will also show you mercy in all areas of your life. Could you pls improve on your dressing, you are too beautiful to be exposing those wonderful things God has planted in you. GOd will help you my lovely friend.

  49. love you deary your movies are interesting.please send me your email.my number is 23776326658/ emme.brava@yahoo.com.am 18 from Cameroon.just keep it up deary.

  50. D reason y i like mercy she act wit passion,i will like her 2 stop exposing d body.bye

  51. Mercy,never mind people,just do ur things right,everything u do is interesting.U ARE TOO GBASKY

  52. mercy, no what you do in life people must talk.do what pleases your concesence becos it is only your concesence that can tell you the truth,then leave d rest for God to Judge.Take care.

  53. My sister(Mercy)God is the beginner of every thing and a finisher all,let your faith be in God for He is the reworder of all that gives chirefully.And here by declaired you a succes in everything that you are doing,Bcos is a good thing given to the less previlage.

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