Timaya adds S Class Benz to his car collection

Dj Untee and Timaya

Dj Untee and Timaya

Timaya has added to his collection of automobiles a Mercedez Benz, S-Class model.

sources say that the port harcourt based singer deemed it necessary to purchase the mecedez benz for his personal use whenever he storms the city of Lagos rather than charter taxi cabs like he did in the past.

Although the singer has refused to disclose the exact figures to the press we gathered that the mercedez s-class,was purchased at an estimated cost of N5million

Timaya, before his latest  aquisition, already has a Toyota Spider and Camry, Dodge Durango and Rover in his car garage in Port Harcourt. we hear that he is also in the verge of purchasing a house in the “mega city” as well.

After a very successful debut, Nigeria’s reggae/dancehall phenom recently released his sophomore effort titled ‘Gift and Grace’. The album features the production prowess of hot nigerian producers like K-Solo, Jeggs, Akeem D’ Beat and Terry G.



  1. Dis Guy too talk abi na only him BABA GOD don Bless, I think is high time we stop buying this dead cds called music ablum.

  2. Congratulation. but at least dat dont make a big star keep on in order 2 achieve aims and ambitions

  3. This Tender guy is a big bamboo, why is he getting upset with Timaya? People like that never buy okada till they die bcs they are never happy with other people’s progress. He is just a skunk

  4. well……i must say timaya is the biggest guy on town,i really appreaciate is style of music and the way he do his beat…and i love his style.in my area in aj city we all love him,menn,,,,,,,,u are the best.
    and let no one critize cause his is time

  5. i wish you the best

  6. timaya my brother nothing do u. i de feel u.if u want buy private jet,oh boy go ahead any body way want die make him go die .tender i don’t like ur comment. timaya is enjoying is money. on 8th of august 2008. i was on the same flight with timaya frm phc to lagos. and he was just himself.

  7. Carry go man,am happy for u. I really like ur music i hope ur new abulm will be as intresting as d other ones.I wish u all d best.

  8. timaya is the highest star ever created by mankind.i love this guy with every bit of my soul;i can frankly say that timaya is not even popular in niger,come see wonder in cameroon every house na timaya,the day i finally confirm timaya was at limbe market in cameroon where the play his music on wemens day ,come see how the market was bussy every body was dancing timaya.timaya if nigeria criticise u cameroon love u.we love to see u in cameroon.oboy u toooooooooo……..much

  9. i don’t dislike Timaya,but the day a Nigerian Contestant performs his song in any music reality show,that day will he earn my respect…but till then,he’s just a regular flash in the pan…
    and to u ‘Conrad’, for u to have said Timaya is the highest star ever created by mankind,obviously shows your level of knowledge..so u can actually compare Timaya to great acts in your country like Petic Pays, Manu Dibango or our very own Tuface? i understand your plight, any similarity between you and an intellectual is purely coincidental…

  10. It should never be a surprise to us all at the level at which timaya is excelling. he even mentioned in his song that some bad belle people sey him dey use juju. he has really worked for success through creativity and it is paying off for him now, so let nobody envy the blessed young man. egberipapa 1 of bayelsa, continue to dey chop up, up, na your time.


  12. i dey feel u like my shayo timaya god don bless u i dey pray make him do for me too i dey try make my voice dey like ur own make i sing like u test ur flows 4 me though my e-mail no mind them na baba God do for u i dey feel uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu onah boy A.K.A TOO FINE

  13. Hello Timaya, well guy you have worked for your success. enjoy your sweat. but always remember your fellow ijaws which i am one of them from warri, delta state. do help them and god will bless you tremendiously. another advise i want to give to you as a fellow ijaw brother is that you get married and settle down for your life. Dont be too carryout away by your sudden fortune. Serve God. and do his will.

    Guy, one love men, i am so proud of you

  14. timaya you too much i no say you go do more than this.

  15. egeri papa you are too much bro one love

  16. i di feel you all the time man

  17. Timaya don blow 4real bt its high time he keeps his mth shut he boasts 2much n its already affectin his flow real bad al d same am hapi 4 him.

  18. Mr timaya u are 2 much,i real appre ur gud jobs, keep it up brother.venivenivesa@s.o,1 luv

  19. My brother mr Timaya na God bless u no b man so keep the fire burning b’cos I dey feel die arro bagger.sail ur shipm

  20. Timaya noting the happen carry go make u know mind that boy way call himself gravity na becos say him know get money, him go they you first am do every

  21. Mr.Timaya,egberi papa 1.thank God 4 ur fame and fortune,continue working hard coz ur fans are waiting 4 ur next album.i beg make bad belle people shut up and wait 4 their turn coz e no easy.

  22. Bros timaya make de say any tin na baba put u ontop u blow ,when i go america pepeol was playiny ur music if nija pepeol no like u, americans like u

  23. Timaya my broda u 2 mch, god go d continue 2 bles u 4get bad bele dey jst d mak noise, person wey god don bles no-one fit cause, i luv u. Am leeway

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  25. timmy well i just want to say that in this life we are living in it, anyone who does not have an enemy to his or her side then that person should go back and ask his god for that. so am telling you that am wishing you all the best of life in your your music carrier as you release your latest album am wishing you all the success of life. timmy i like you becos the very first day i saw you at the airport in abuja.
    kudos timmy

  26. Timaya, e de craze.

  27. cammon purchase d helicopter!! private jet!! make aeropalane jam ur haterzzzzzzzz!! as God don bless u ehhh say Timaya na ur name!!!! enjoy it….

    the truth is that these fools wouldn’t complain when international artists buy stuff…go and watch mtv cribs so that y’all can die of HEART ATTACK…bloody haterz!!!

  28. GOD don bless u ma oga,carry on

  29. Mr timaya when i talk about u them de aks wetin u give me but i de tell them say na BaC god bless u.

  30. timaya u 3 much naija people learn 2 appreciate good things lets encourage
    our naija guys

  31. Timaya Abeg mak we hear word,na only u God bless,wait How much u get slf wey we no hear smth,u dey tell us cars u get nd house u wan buy, who ask u slf. Wait ooh na only u be musician we get diffrnt cars ? Timaya u’ar a Big time fool cos musicians wey get money no dey tall na fools lyk u wey see peanut change 4their hand dey make noise.Wait small tim ur JuJu go clear 4 pple eye.

  32. Timaya Wida u,why we no go hear word 4u, if buy car u go tell world if u buy house u go tell world, who ask u. Wait ooh make i ask u hw much get slf we nogo hear somthng 4u, na waooh if na u be Jay_Z de richest Rapper alive na him be say pple go dey worship, small peanut chnge u see 4ur hand u jst dey mak noise up nd down man reason well oh,u knw say musician nodey sale 4evr so try organise urslf b/4 u juju clear 4 people eye.
    As 4 me if person dash me ur Cds na poison be dat cos dat thng u dey sing nobi music na noise u dey make nd moreovr i be fellow Broda frm (Delta Force_MP) RGD U.

  33. baba na GOD don do. make any man pray and work hard GOD go do u own too.

  34. oga timaya,we no say,u b big boy,may u dey follow look ur fans too,abeg

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