7 Incredible Facts about Shan George!

more than meets the eye!!1

Nollywood Actress, Shan George: more than meets the eye!!1

Nigeria’s foremost talk show host, Funmi Iyanda , host of Nigeria’s most popular and authoritative talk show NEW DAWN with Funmi once had a remarkable interview with Nollywood actress Shan George . You may hate Shan or love her, but you’ll definitely admire her struggle after you listen to her interview with Funmi Iyanda.

in Fumni Iyanda’s words:

“That interview was memorable and this caught me completely off guard. l had set out to talk about her broken marriages and ended up unearthing the story of a courageous search for self, education and love.”

here are some incredible facts about Shan George:

1.  She lost her dad at age five

2.  Shan grew up in the village where her mum – an auxiliary nurse – barely managed to pay her way through secondary school

3.  Her desire to become an actress stemmed from watching TV through the window at the only house with a TV set in the village and desiring to be on TV too.

4.  At 15 she was married off to a much older man on the promise that he’ll educate her- but she ended up being his punching bag for six years

5.  She walked out of her first marriage at age 21 and lived on the streets before a kind lady took her in and got her educated

6.  The happiest day of her life was when she got admitted into the University of Lagos – she was 29 years old.

7.  she found ‘love’ and got married while in school but love turned sour when she got castigated for catching her second husband – a London based Nigerian – pants down!!

much more incredible facts about Shan George

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  1. i luv ur courage shan.

  2. Shan, Thanks 4 changing my impression about u. From Bolaji ‘beejaino ‘ Abdulsalam

  3. its amazing that u found the courage to continue after all u have been through that shows you have it in u and ure a fighter.keep it up

  4. […] 7 Incredible Facts about Shan George! […]

  5. I luv ur courage.keep it up and lord will fight your battle for you. I luv u.

  6. i was really touched by your story & really made me love you more.youre a courageous woman,go on dont worry the lord is on your side.

  7. am touchd by ur story galfnd.pls do wel to pray always n de good LORD wil see you through ur life.GOD bles u.

  8. i like ur courage cos it not easy after much u could make give thanks to God

  9. ThankGod who helped you to get where you are today.keep it on God is your strength

  10. Well,just like many other Nigerians whom like shan,were not born with golden spoons,she had,with luck, worked tirelessly hard to attain success in life.But let her,at this juncture, just be very careful of ‘diminishing returns’ of life.
    She has been one of my best loved persona and actress but watching her of late makes me doubt that she is still going through things in an advanced formular compared to her old life.

  11. touching story the lord is strength he will never let you down

  12. D Lord is ur strength,ok.

  13. Really felt 4 u bt those were stepping stones 2 ur success.

  14. Everyone must hv a motivating story 2 tell but all d same it was ur steeping stone 2 stadom n i’m glad u make it.

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