Why PSquare’s Concert was Cancelled

still very credible!

P Square: still very credible!

The publicity was impressive! the move was awe inspiring!! This was the first time an artiste would solely sponsor an event featuring an international act just to promote peace in the Niger Delta region and prove to the world that Nigeria – especially the Niger Delta area – was indeed safe for place for foreigners to visit.

Nigerians -especially residents in the Niger Delta region – had already secured their seats at the venue well in advance in high anticipation for the event. Unfortunately, the show was canceled!! Busta Rhymes refused to show up!!!

sources close to P Square disclosed that although Busta Rhymes was excited performing in Nigeria, the international rap star did not show up because he was not adequately paid.

Media reports suggest that an international booking agent called Miss Idono Edewor failed to pay Busta Rhymes the agreed advance payment even though p-square’s management had fully disbursed the funds to her. Rather, she chose to hold on the the cash.

consequently, the event was canceled as the group were unwilling to compromise the groundbreaking event that was scheduled to hold at Grand Hotel in Asaba, Delta State. They honorably gave their fans a full N5000 refund per ticket sold.

we’re not sure if this “misunderstanding’ would affect the much talked about musical collaboration between P Square and Busta Rhymes, however sources close to p square suggest that efforts are being made to sort the mess created by the booking agent.it is not clear at the moment if legal action would be taken against her.

although P Square insisted on sticking to their promise of bringing Busta Rhymes  to the country, some loyal fans believe that they show should have taken place with or without the international rap act.

so, was it a smart move by P Square to cancel the show? how badly would it have affected their credibility? would the show would have been a blast even without Busta Rhymes? you tell me..

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  1. dis guys r da bomb!dey ve done da best thing dat any responsible man can do.dey shud just keep it up.am proud of dem

  2. I think that was very dumb of them.There are several talents in the country so why was the show cancelled.Is he the only rap artiste?

  3. Hello.

    I want to know if someone have the contact of p square manager for a showcase in Europe (Belgiumà. Thanks

    Best regards.

  4. my e=mail is brigittekwaku@hotmail.com it’s for the contact of p square manager or booking.

    than you

  5. why was their show cancelled its not fair

  6. can we ve another spectacular show in d Gambia once more after Ramadan

  7. I love PSquare, especially Paul and am looking forward to a concert in Nigeria soon.

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