Tuface Idibia: His New Babies

Actress, Ann Macaulay now has a baby girl for Tuface idibia. Ann Macaulay, who lost her first pregnancy to suspicious armed robbery attack last year,  delivered the bundle of joy (named  Isabel Enenuwa Uwanna Idibia) for 2face last week Wednesday in the United States thus making the number of 2face’s children to five. congratulations are in order!!

Before the baby arrived!!

Before the baby arrived!!

meanwhile, Tuface Idibia’s  highly anticpated third album, Unstoppable is already recieving rave reviews especially his hot collaboration with fellow ‘sex scandalist’ [sic, lol], R. Kelly, titled Flex




  1. 2face continue with ur enjoyment life, wives no dey 2 much 4 an aaaaAfrica man,
    Dont 4get say, u be role model 2 some.
    Who u wan marry self, I pray make she accept ur responsibilites

  2. Father abraham,had many sons.Tu face u are d abraham of this generation.kip it up nd please we want more isaac’s.Kip it up,congrats to ur new born child and many more to come.2 baba kip un entering the place as u said.tu baba u are obeying God’s commandment cos he said “Go into the world and multiply”

  3. Men 2fierce u r d BOMB.KEEP IT UP AND I LIK DAT,dats d way uhuh uhuh,i lik am,i lik am lik dat.

  4. 2baba everthing about you is too much keep your up

  5. Tuface just remember that certain things in life dont last, so enjoy urself while it lasts but know for sure that as u make ur bed now so u will lie on it 2morrow.

  6. my dear tuface, u are to me the best artiste NIGERIA has ever produced when it comes to music. we love u so much cos u ve it all. we still know that women cannot simply let u be but pls u should learn to be urself. u are fallin my hands. pls try and walk down the aisles with one and try to stick to her. don’t allow any of this women to ruin u. i wont be happy.

  7. Na wa! You wan open baby factory for niaja and abroad? Take am easy.

  8. if he likes he can have 1million babies,he still remain my man,role model,i lov him.

  9. Tuface is a fucking Nigerian artsit that fucks around with all those bitch he calls a girl friend and gives them pregnant. shit these guy so called to face guy is a big disgrace to we african guys what a fucking star is he can’t he look at those that are much more mouthed than him and look at there own life style and at least he is one of the oldest african artist. i guess he should be 33 years old now. so what is the good plan you are laying down for the upcoming artist wow he is such a fucking guy.

  10. 2 face you are the man, keep on going we dey your back, am one of your greatest fans can ever change that. you are the best and congrat on your new born baby may she live long, and become a celebrity like you. amen my guy please keep on featuring artist to show them that u are the man. yours faithfully

  11. tu baba forget chriticizim continue with your life. you’re the best

  12. lets just say am highly disppointed. in this modern day?

  13. tuface u ar too much. i like u die cos u no dey slack. u ar a nigerian its not a crime to have soo many children, people just want to distract u. u ar my role model for life. peace , one love.08033141293.

  14. tu baba noten do u.i wil always be ur fan no matter what i have always been ur fan since i was 10years old and wil be ur fan.am a festac girl and i wil always be ur fan.now am in d U.S.A i made them like ur song they want 2 come 2 nigeria just 2 c u perform live, i tell them u are my role modle i pray u come 2 vigina soon 2 perform.i hope 2 be like u when old enough so i can promote nigeria music just like u.i pray 2 c u 1day so we can talk 1on 1.don’t listen 2 what people say just focuse and make me pround of u.ONE LOVE.

  15. noten dey happen 2baba
    i just wnt to congratulate for the new bounce baby girl.. na so hypertik

  16. 2 baba u are a disgrace to morality cause u have embrace immorality with both hands u are my best no doubt but this is not where u are suppose to be but becoz of ur immoral life u are being pulled down to where u are not suppose to be plz change and settle down be4 we wil have 2baba comunity.one love to u new baby.

  17. tu baba,nutin d happen.run ur parol mak dem run dem own.enjoy ursef bt mak u no 4gt to look road.na ur eye u getto sharpen.

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