9ice gets baby boy



Rave singer 9ice and his wife Toni have received their first baby!

The baby, already named Zion, was delivered at 12:43am on Thursday December 4, at Presbytarian hospital, Southern California, United States of America.

9ice is currently away in Cyprus honouring a performance engagement, but he received the news with excitement and gratitude to God. ”I’m very happy. And we give God all the glory” he said.

The singer only recently returned from the US after spending time with his pregnant wife and headlining scheduled gigs.

9ice and Toni tied the knots at a private ceremony in Lagos on July 17, 2008.

The baby-a boy- weighed 8.3 pounds at birth; and was delivered by Dr. Delshad George.



  1. Mr 9ice how u dey we hear say you don get bancing baby boy but you fuck oooo you no feel come do your naming ceremony for naija abi cos say you don hammer we dey ves waalai abi we bi your fans for naija so you no feel do us faaji infact you really fuck up well i dey wish you well but i just me i tell koko say say me hi to your babay and take care of yourself including your wife. we dey greet u oooooooooooooooooooo

  2. Whatz up dude.. adigun am so happy about your bancing babe boy wow you are great guy you dont even let your wife toni to fall you by having a baby girl lol you be champion ooo for music industrial you be kasa final for your hosue gon gon you be almighty 9ice so much love to you from Ifemen.. to all my chicks in da house well honestly ife is so single and seeking i am dark in color 25years i dont have money but i am living normal and i dont beg for gari niether bush meat cause 1 day bushmeat go catch the hunter lol…. well feel free to call me on 019569168 i hope to hear from a nice young loving lady with a loving heart i dont need bueaty cause beauty fades away all that matter most is the loving and caring heart you have my number give me a call in your spare time.. 9ice my regards 2u from the nigga in surulere

  3. hi jst read bout ur ll!.

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