INFINITY No longer a Kenny dumps group

Nigeria’s gospel quintet, Infinity, has lost their key songwriter/singer as Kehinde Akinbode parts ways with the group. Kenny – as he is often called – is the songwriter of group’s hit song  Olori Oko which carted away multiple awards last year.

Kenny also wrote other blazing hot singles like Aye Ole and Jesus Knows – songs from their groundbreaking gospel debut, Olori Oko.

Isn’t it too early for a group to split after one successful album? i guess the Naija music industry isn’t really favorable to groups as all incomes earned would have to be split. maybe Kenny was thinking… “why make money and split five ways when you can keep all to yourself?”

it’s really not clear why Kenny left the group, but his exit could be very difficult to fill, or could it? will infinity survive this great loss? only an album without Kenny, could tell.



  1. Gospel singer should always practice what they why will they part is not fair, let unity reign

  2. when a friend told me the group choose the name infinity cos unlike other group they would not break up….. i smiled; knowing it wont be for long. the 9ja factors affects every1.
    stop deceiving yourself.
    all correspondents to

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