Nigerian Rapper, MI set to unleash Debut Album

Nigeria's Most Prolific MC?

MI: Nigeria's Most Prolific MC?

Chocolate City Entertainment has announced the release of the eagerly awaited debut album by Nigeria ’s most anticipated hip hop artist M.I (pronounced em –eye) slated for the 1st of December 2008 in Lagos , Nigeria .

The album titled TALK ABOUT IT is arguably one of the most anticipated albums of 2008 and features hit songs like Crowd Mentality, and the current blazing hot single Safe featuring former sound city veejay, Djinee.

There will be an exclusive listening party to be held in Lagos on Sunday, November 2, 2008 at the SWE Bar. the listening party is expected to draw top personalities people from the TV, Radio and Print media as well as music industry big wigs in and around Nigeria and the United Kingdom .

Rapper M.I, you would recall, bagged the Best Rap Single Award at the 2008 edition of the prestigious HiphopWorld Awards  for  his groundbreaking song Crowd mentality!the song topped every major chart in and around Nigeria and Soundtrack, besting music from Nine other countries around the world! the rap messaih as he is often called also represented Nigeria in the Bring the Noise world tour in 2007/8 which took him to over 12 countries around Africa as well as the United Kingdom and earned him a huge fanbase.

MI is expected to embark on an album promotional tour in Jos, Abuja and London early next year. i’ll keep y’all posted on tour dates so you can catch MI when he storms your city!!



  1. I want to know more about MI. Pls, can you send me his biography, or I want to know if he has a website.

  2. hey!au lyk 2 get M.i’s pics.

  3. Am the gratest FAN M.I could have .. i love him so much, i wish to no more bout him, if posible to meet him

  4. pls i need to know more about MI, and pls could you send me his biograph,or i want to know if he has Email-pls could do me a little favor by sending it to Email address i will be very glad

  5. Wts up mi,keep up d good work.dis ur boy e to d k to e to d l to d v to d i to d s

  6. putin sentiments apart dis guy is hotter that fire and lyk he said “mo gbona feli feli” he spits like makavelli. keep it up homie

  7. mi is d best in 9ja nw and ever i like is style he is good pls i we like 2 show case in 1 of ur video pls mi my email is dere ok my number is 07041183907 bye mi love u , ure d best

  8. the album will b da most anticipated one in all 9ja…..even the president will recognize it

  9. pls am a j-town boy shooling in morocco, i need the recent album of m. i !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. ur just tight, keep hip hop real

  11. u cant skip any track on this album!even the skits leave an impression on u.Next tym y’all mention Psquare,Dbanj,Ruggedman and Mode9 dont 4get M I tha rap messiah!




  15. difficlt 2 find an album wit all tracks”BLAZIN” as his.nigga ur HOT!!!!

  16. Ur da bomb man! keep rocking

  17. kai mi you 2 ….. i dont say.kip doin ur stuff,there are lots of trophy 2 come ur way for outstandin demo uve got.back 2 bone its me joesken 4rm kd city.i aim high to be like m i

  18. i have surfed the internet just to see his biography.Mi, please accept me as ur greatest fan.u r too hot to handle. as far as i’m concened, ur my naija lilwaune.flows so tight.where i go start.UR SO FLY

  19. Money Sl!!!

  20. He sure gat a nice one…keep it real

  21. pls i need to know more about MI, and pls could you send me his biograph,or i want to know if he has Email-pls could do me a little favor by sending it to Email address oh sean it to Email on i will be very glad.

    4rm ur boy sean ilu a.ka 9ja 4life.

  22. MI,
    Man u r on fire!!! I mean blazing!!! Gud a thing u got Blaze on ur album coz dts wht u r man. I am set to be ur biggest nigerian fan man. But i want u to do just one favor for me. thnx for saying yes. Pls ma guy drop the K-West image. ALL ARTISTS have pple who influenced em but they dont have wear things those ppl wear. Saw MI, my personal star, on a show and he was wearing K-WEST basket looking goggles. Got me pissed like Missy in bikini. For real man, ur boy dont luv dt. I knw ‘crowd mentality’ argues against me now but PLS BE MI for me and not K-WEST.
    Luv ur work Prof.

  23. MI,
    I 4gt to mention. it is my new year’s resolution to get ur autograph before 2009 runs out. I will follow ur shows and i will meet u personaly man. Up close. Possibly get a pix with u man.
    Guess who’s face is on my lap top…

  24. hey i like M I,he is to me undoubtably da best nigerian rapper.i wish i could meet him up close.ialso have adream of being as good as dat

  25. Got close to MI only recently and the fastidious me was really impressed!! He’s got the stuff stars are made of and I can only wish him well. Keep Naija up there broda!!

  26. M.I to me is the best thing to hit Nigeria.i listen to his album like 10 times a day everyday and i must say that the young man has got some of that swagger Lil Wayne is known to exibit and that to me is Hip-Hop.M.I, you just got a mad fan.pls send me all the info about M.I.

  27. the boy is good nigeria own kenya west

  28. man u are good no doubt but always remain loyal to the master ruggedman

  29. God M.I is indeed incredible i so luv all his songs nd i would luv 2 ve some of ur pics on my mail nd how far wit d illegal music i need a copy of dat . infact u r my role model my email address no one should test d mister incredible.

  30. who is MI he would say”mr incredicle,mankind illustrator,muzic innovator,most immaculate,mc interrogater,most indomitable” while i would say MI is just ”mainly invinsible”MI u’re d koko

  31. MI is the best of the rest

  32. Ha! “i am saying i am the best, i am just asking who is better” MI is the tightest Nigerian rapper so far and if he doesn’t make it i would be shocked at Nigerians.

  33. Ha! “i am not saying i am the best, i am just asking who is better” MI is the tightest Nigerian rapper so far and if he doesn’t make it i would be shocked at Nigerians.

  34. MI! is he really d best? cos i can see pple like Rugged man, Mode 9. ( dis d question pple are really asking) 2 me MI is tighter also d tightest cos his flow is highly antisipated. Keep on flowing we keep on supporting.

  35. pls i want mi’s biography, and leastest info on him.i dey feel die,u are d koko drivin all d fake man dem loko when dey hear ur voko, i swear u are koko from niga to uonda.i luv u mi keep d fire burnin, i ready to bye anything wey drop………

  36. M.I is undoubtabling the BEST rapper rite now in Nigeria.He is Nigeria Lil’Wayne.He has all the quality of a great MC.If am to rate rappers in Nigeria,i’ll give M.I 5 stars,MODE 9 4 stars while Rugge Man and the others should share 3 stars.M.I is the BOMB…….


  38. mi is the best rapper in nigeria

  39. OOOOn GBona FeleFELe. MI i day feel u, i just believe say ur nest abulm go blow this globe. am Agbons, thats my stage name. 08059911054. i hope to here ur new abulm soon. MI u are the best nigerian rapper i have ever heard of. u RE GOOG

  40. All i can just say is dat MI has brought rap in naija to a whole new dimension..i love all ur songs peace man.

  41. Tight guy. Kip the flag flyin.
    You’r gud. Try dropin more gospel stuff. t’wil increase ur fan base

  42. Niger has finnally reach da stage,where is grammy? N.I ure the best of Nigeria I know you will take nd grammy for the Africa-Niger finnest Rapper and be cool coz u have women beside u and that’s Asa i belive she takes grammy foy d female best in Niger too
    I listen to ur album everyday … not dissapointed so far (M.I & Asa) I wish i had a duet wit ya someday,right now am trying to contact u MI coz i wanna do a song wit u.
    Maybe u will get to read dis and u wanna be kind enough to send me an email or text my number first… my email is ( phone (07026786646)


  43. hi watz up my bro i heard that you are just back from the u.k where you set a tour hope G. o. d. the almighty craft man to bless you with so many more albulm to come out with and win the grammy male for africa you are the finest with exclusive uniqueness from your fellow brothers eldee da don, overdose, mode 9, sauce kid, love you bro keep it tight
    one more request bro set a tour for young j town and nigerian artiste like you the land that notured you, and never forget the hood. i mean crew like armegadon soldiers, l.x.g and lots more artiste, likes of, big bro jesse jags, m.c roy, witchkillah, moscadinal16 and more do like your bro Akon did, that brought guys that are cappable of what he can do likes of, t pain, and so more

  44. jst wna let M.I knw dat he aint d best rapper in nija. My man cassey smart will dust u up in a freestyle battle. if u tink ur good com battle or u crow lyk a chicken.

  45. hi M.I , just read bout u on dis site. like 2 know more. plz can u send me ur site or pics. i really wanna b ur fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. u is da best.. can find anoda as hot as u… ur niger no1.. kppossaaaa for u. ur d king of niger rap… kp da fire burning

  47. rapping MI
    Hi lol, tunde on the miiiic
    rapping nigeria straight to the top
    this is real my nigga, we the best in hip_hop
    yes boy we are the hip hop
    we got the hip
    to shake the hop
    so better get yur cup ready for MI
    so fuck the militant and the 419
    and let them *******suck a d**k
    cause they all WACK
    man l8r, i will be back
    To hollback.

  48. wiskolo wiska,d incredible mister,mi do u hav beef with terry da rapman n wat’s up with kel?kip da fire blazin hot man.

  49. most incredible is that name that strike my chest 24 hour per day.9ja dreams b4 and after now.hip hop in 9ja is like mob beep moppers but it ll really change from afro with hardcure rappers.mi my dream in 9ja music.i ll be there.PEACE

  50. I want to know more about MI. Pls, can you send me his biography, or I want to know if he has a one of is fan pls

    Hi Akharume
    check out M.I’s blog :

  51. m 2 d i u are d best man mc, mic rocker.i am comin 2 u,i wanna be like u.

  52. M.i is sooo dope.
    But you guys should check out that naija guy ”skreech”. every1 talking about him man, he is sick.
    some links for his stuff:
    enjoy…its naija!!!

  53. Ye, heard of him…fresh sturvessss

  54. ^^^^ That is dope.
    Does skreech have an album?

  55. em eye! u;re keeping it real high with your ish right? but jst some little sci-fi to phly real high with styl above all kites but definitely beneath the sky’ ….thats why i;m the SKY & Fly but not dry but would would bite co’s you’s my victim & be gettin evicted. yes i rate u high like 5 amongst the five piles but there live a fifth who’ll drift you off the lift….. EYE’Z ON em i oooo sorry M.I

  56. M.I i know you naw,u really are Hip Hop.u’v done it for 9ja,add some more flow mahn so we cud get crazy.

  57. I am a gud rapper as well..I love more of you M.I..You are the bom digidi of 9ja music..Thumbs up man..You have made the whole world know rap can be made to dance hip-hop..anoti ele..

  58. I wish i culd be able to feature in one of your videos..My number is 08075286206..I love to join up with you M.I..Waiting for your call man.

  59. I wonder what we Nigerians do with our artist and we improve them, this artist Mi has been hot since he first album and we never want to listen to him or have interest in me, until lil wayne become famous here, Wise up Nigeria and look up to upcoming artists before they start knocking at your mp3’s.

  60. my name is ako,
    i luv hip hop so much it has realy takin me deep spiritualy.d introduction of mi has real worstin my adiction for hip hop.

  61. me, for now i dey feel die. in the next album am u no go let us. mi me luv ya. keep it real.

  62. Im representn 4 wafi and ph city. Mi we gat ur back jst deliver tracks dat will keep u in track cos hip hop has a shop along fast tracks. The moment u slow down for lolipops u cld never get up. So keep it real in tha fast lanes. Burn carbons and blaze nitros and leave ur trail for us

  63. hi guy i am ur great fan wish to be hearing from u with great luv from Debbie

  64. Hello Mi. believe me you are so hot and like are the only who take up nigeria high make the world know say you too much . i respect you and mode9 so much and the of mohit crew.i really like the song emiley emiley remix lil wayne. i believe if he hear the song e go won see you and get to know you i love you and i wish i know you.each time i hear the song i feel like going insane cause the sound and lyrics is bomb and good.thanks man for the good job well done and keep it up. i believe and thanking God for the good work and you continue to make us proud. i feel like to continue but i want to sleep. and also drop its like its hot than one na die all the rapper say drop it like it hot.

  65. sorry i forgot to put my name ok. smiles you are just the one iam listening too right and big shout out to Don Jasi and D’banj and the boy got skins like satan and i dont know about you but you are hansome but your mother did pay and you refair to kelly hansome .but no you are not gajja planter .well that all i like you and i like you and the best and no one can text that.i got the cd and i feel never to let go of it. yes you are hot like Dbanj everyone knows that. just continue and mode9 too.

    i just want to be the best fans you have i love you MI


  66. MI Mr incredible,
    you are the real best nigeria rapper i have ever seen in my life
    you are too mush, i love all your music espectially save htat why i want you yo fly save
    coz sky is your limit, keep it up man and also i want you to know i cant wait to see your new album. you are tpoo much

  67. am feeling dis dude. Big ups….

  68. u gonna take Naija across de globe,u ve got what it takes to do dat.Am feeling u…

  69. u be ill…………..charlie u be toooooooooooooooooo much

  70. Excuse ma language …..lets say u are Naiga’s Kanye West,ur flow is sooooo authentic…lol

  71. m.i ever since i started listening 2 ur track i have been trying 2 get more closer 2 you==please can someone send me your email bcos i am a hip hop rapper that needs your incredible help 4rm

  72. I think Mr Incedible is the Nigerian Rap Artist Alive

  73. I think Mr Incedible is the BEST Nigerian Rap Artist Alive

  74. there celebrate stars like m.i. but forget upcomers like us… to bad 4 us

  75. hi Mr incredible you are 2much i love the way you drop d bomb you are tight MI keep the work going gangstar some day i will regin and you and me will collabrate you will make nigeria broard in Kenya love MI thanks chocolate Ent

  76. wat else can i say. i luv u men



  79. yeah am cameroonaian and i lke m i music especailly the track feat djinee is tight mixing all those words inside very creative

  80. No other dudes come close i’m Homophobic but the boy so fly that my tongue aerobics cmon dats hot azz hell. i write rough like procalactics.

  81. How can i get the lyrics to MI’S music?

  82. Are we save right here??? Mi ur da bom…forget it men, ur awredy chilling inside Ma belly!!! No u can’t get any sloppy- cos ur da koko. Maybe that’s why they call you the most incredible, ur a rare talent men- am thrilled!

  83. I commented here b4 right now I have to comment again
    M.I ure a murderer!!!
    Ask me why I called him that
    He murdered d mic (microphone)

    I love ya


  84. they cal u m..i..ya just bcos u getin high..ya, ur spitin fire. man ur too tight

  85. sup M I u re making sense but u ve 2 respect ur elders in d game i mean ur broder from anoder mother MODE 9… LA is my name

  86. O boy! Mi u are so hot. D 1st time i listened to ur album it nearly sent me crazy. Man u are what we’ve being looking for. Keep up with ur work my man

  87. to be frank M 2D I, l,truly felling you,believe some day l,m burst like you,like l say once more l ,m feeling you 2,one love bros

  88. i love mi his rymes kills my spirit his moves kills my body the tone is the best mi we love keep it on ur so hot

  89. i will like to know more about em eyer

  90. i know that there are a whole lot of crazy fans of M.I. and i cnt call myself the number 1 fan but i can say that if i was to be assassinated then i would request that it should be m.i. the dude is just overkilling me. i cnt stay a day without listening to M.I.

  91. cha, cha 2 Mr incredible and i’m sayin you are da best and no one is better….. you have takin da nigerian rap 2 da next level…..4ever cha bro……..


  93. mi’
    u’ve got swag,u’re d best in ninja.luv u

  94. Mi u ‘re d best of all rappers

  95. meen dude u are an eye opener to what so many people don’t know about musiv in nigeria the believe that only traditional music pigin sell in nigeria
    which is absolutelly wrong about the matter
    it all about you been tight and doing your own thing.

  96. wow guy you are tight keep it up big time
    pigin rap is not the only selling rap
    pigin music can’t give u an award
    just be as good as m.i and get the all awards flirting after “U”

  97. MI u’re d best.i heard ur song 4 d 1st tym n asked where hv u bin since.release 1000 albums n ur flow won’t stop coz it cant stop……

  98. Got som’else 2 say…u leave me SPEECHLESS cos i ain’t got one word 2 describe u.u’re d man

  99. mene i love dat guy M.I he is de real rapper of all in Africa.

  100. mi is d greatest; D best no one can test, cos he outrun d rest in every contest
    he is respected and feared like HIV test. my Guy, U are my MENTOR!

  101. mi is just 2 much cos not just anyhow musician can just try him so nt 2 prolonged d issues he is d best and d nicest

  102. M.i is too good.
    As for the people asking about skreech… here it is:,com/skreechtv

    The boy is good too. from naija

  103. buddy i lik d ways n d way u drop ur raps is lik u r dropin bubble nut ur luved by the people, by me. evrybudi luvs u M I.

  104. The only true greatness is unselfish love… M.i Abaga i’ll lyk d way u’re collaborate wif most artiste kip it up jey terms rhythmically rapper

  105. M.I is my great mentor

  106. M.I

  107. Of heavy debt, in or?This disease will, nothing to loose.Purpose It can, beneficial in the.Ride along with utility warehouse, needs It represents or disease If.Have weak skills, which cases e-learning.,

  108. I jst lurv m.i……………….he rocks my wurld!!!!!

  109. Dam you so hot m.I you can even melt da sun . I live in new York can’t stop listening too your music my best till now is 123 and I love the one did with kel naija hardest men your metaphors are hot

  110. MI ur real, nw i can bring ma face alive again!!!!!!!! am leavin ol d hustlin as a professional 2
    get bak in2 d industry.

  111. Gee! Its yo boi Lil West. Its like we are using the same flow but still yours seems harder. I am working on my album which will be ready to drop soonest. I praise you and hope I will blow just like you. This my address(


  113. […] year. The industry is becoming the biggest in Africa at the moment, with the likes of P.Square and M.I both Nigerian Artists, Nominated at the last BET awards for Best International […]

  114. i love m.i so much, his my rulemodel,my mento,my every thin.i love him.

  115. jude abaga i love u man u are like d bird i n d sky no maga can catch u bro u are so high sent me ur email,website.

  116. To accomplish great things we must not only act but also dream, not only plan but also beleive. I beleive MI will make us proud. You are the man.

  117. I Just want 2 about (mi)

  118. I hav a proposition to mak,i mean som song dat i need to b’s contact me via dis mail

  119. mi d rap messiah is truly increadible u r d best movie cause in j town evry body cause no 1 blees

  120. I’m an hiphop artist,i just wanna say m i na baba

  121. really MI,after 2face i will make u d no 2 in 9ja

  122. m.i i luv rappin, dat is why whan ever i hears ur voice i fil like i kan do it i lvu u m.i

  123. i got swag but to u am like rag in rap i knw u gat some bags and i hope i wil b in ur gap 08139375960

  124. men,i like new mi album now.

  125. M.I u ar really incredible. U ar a blessing to me & all nigerians includin persons dt beef u. U ar d only gud tin dt has eva cum out of our state taraba & even naija in entirety. Lukin 4wad 2 listenin 2 ur collabo wit weezy, k.west, jay z, t.i or nas. U too much

  126. pls i would like u 2 send me one of mi song AFRICAN RAPPER

  127. u b bad guy

  128. mi u ar d bst 4rm youngprince

  129. am feeling man cos u nd waje re turning me into sometin else witur one naira track.peace man

  130. @sylvester.. oh yeah? what’s your favorite track.. it’s hard for me to choose one. Number One ft Flava is hot. Then there’s Epic, Beef, Nobody ft 2face..expect a full review soon!

  131. mi you are the bombest in africa you make kanye west lyrics look stupid to me now..

  132. m i u hot some are jelous they want to use ur name to selll there album some might say u nonsense but there can’do u nothing u are the mi the barger some never eat well them say they won beef because u hansom they say u turn gair tell them pack well for any comment text 08130249545

  133. ohhh mi i hate that verse see wowo pikin dey claim handsome.kelechukwu clap 4 ur self well done

  134. mi new Release oh men the guy finish work 4 the track 8, U 2 much my nigar

  135. mi…….i love….keep it up

  136. i want your number

  137. come who give M.I best rapper………………. the guy is good… yes i know …………… but M.I cant be the best till mode9 and ruggedman is dead

  138. i love mi so much.i really wish i could do a song with him some day.from cameroon its neglect.big up africa

  139. M.I! Am so obesssed wif u! U r d best d bomb nd evrifiin 9ja hip-pop is out 4…. Bigger holla 2 u guy nd d Cholatecity entertainment crew! Muaaaaaaaaaah…. Alwais d wiskolowiska, bumshakalaka!


  141. ….am a kenyan n am alrewady feelin u down hea … pretty sua u will b down hea 2 perform trust me…..cant wait 4 that day…

  142. M.I u’re d bom i dey feel ur swagg. Keep d fire burning

  143. Hi!
    I’m Ramesh from Cameroon and i’m MI’s biggest fan here.
    MI is simply the best African Rapper and his skills are totally unimagineable. Keep up man, we’re strongly behind u

  144. i love this guy called mi

  145. mi i dey do you die.

  146. Am feeling ur style of rapping m i africa rapper number 1 lyk 2 c ur next flow

  147. Mi u de flow lyke 2pac , pls do let mi knw wen eva v release new album, cos u r the best .

  148. pls inform me if u relese a nw album

  149. I swer I go find u!!!!!!!bitch ass

  150. mi diz ur boy yi de young incredible just wish to se u one day, for u to meet another microphone evangelist . Am ur greatest fan.pls help by sending ur email . Keep it up mi baba.

  151. Dis yi prefix like ganger bring am den we smoke , gossip like garri bring den we soak am. Mi baba u re a lyricist . I luv u man storm de yard . Mi, yi ur boy is geting on de game just let me be ur boy .dis ma num 08168924318 am ur mic evangelist.

  152. Jude u’r evrblazin mr. U’r ma favorit

  153. M.I i luv u morethan one can xplain when listen 2 ur flow it lead me 2 put a link on a shit of script 2 bring out something lik what im hearn u say but really an i goin 2 flow lik u? d answer is absolutely yes really i want 2 b lik u 4 sure but im gonna pass datb level.i luv u all choc bois i will join u when d time come M.I luv u soooo much byeeeee.

  154. I lik u i luv u nd i lik u i luv u, i can say more dan hundren times a minute, keep on doin d gud tin 4 we ur fans cos no 1 lik u. M i 4 real

  155. I love M.I,he is my best rapper,am a huge fan of M.I.

  156. Am ur biggest fan…even got ur name tattooed across da chest

  157. I want to be like m i

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