Mode Nine, Fatai Rolling Dollar collabo?

Mode IX - more serious than ever

Modenine’s recent online interview makes an interesting read. the Nigerian Emcee/Lyricist, throws a couple of tips that i’m sure will be very beneficial to many Nigerian independent artistes looking to break into the world stage.. courtesy of his ‘street smart’ modey – as he is often called – has toured Germany, South Africa and most recently Singapore..

with so much going on for the spitfire lyricist, modey dreams of future collaborations with music veterans, his biggest being a collabo with..not Jay Z …but the legendary Fatai Rolling Dollar!!!

he says:

“If there ever was a Nigerian artiste I have forever dreamed of working with, that artiste would be Fatai Rolling Dollar, I have always dreamed of doing a song with that man; and as to a foreign artiste it would end up being with a couple of them amongst whom being Master Ace, KRS One, produced by Pete Rock and scratches by D.J. Premiere and intro by Saul Williams.”

he also talks about his fallout with Questionmark, and his new record label (budding emcees shouldn’t get their hopes up yet cos modey’s not signing..not yet anyway).

read the full interview here


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  1. I dont really like hard core rap,but i love his creativity.

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