9ice and the Dublin scandal

9ice - Does "Alapomeji" mean "double dealing?"

does Rave of the moment artiste, 9ice need to change his management?i don’t think so..but i think he has to keep his booking agent(s) on check!!!

The whole issue of double booking is really getting out of hand!! after collecting 1.75m upfront to perform at a gig in Ireland, 9ice fails to turn up without any notice!! now his fans in Ireland are dissapointed.. however, 9ices’ management claims that they did not show up because promoters wanted to fly them in illegally..

There has been several complaints from several quarters -from show promoters, to media houses even alaba marketers about 9ice’s “highly unprofessional manager.”

a bulk of the complaints stems from the artistes accepting an invitation to perform and never showing up with no reason whatsoever.  9ice is a hardworking artistes and it’ll be sad to see incompetence of another wreck his career!!! his publicity is good though (bigup to tony payne-akande for all  her damage control) measures..guess what they say bout “behind every successful man…” is true, isn’t it?).

like i mentioned earlier, we gathered that 9ice was billed to perform at a show in Dublin courtesy of Krystal Promotion, a Dublin-based promotions/events management company, but failed to show up- after collecting N1.75m advance payment!!!on why he didn’t turn up management claims the promoter offered to fly them in illegally!!

however krystal promotions claim that his entry to Dublin was legit and was made well in advance.

“We Are Very Convinced the Reason Why 9ice did not Attend the Show is because he did not have his Passport with him. His passport was at the CANADIAN EMBASSY, as he is performing in Canada on the 4th of October 2008, this was confirmed from a Genuine Source. These is Double Booking an Artist which shouldn’t be done in the Entertainment Business, especially when you have entered into a Contract of Agreement with the proposed Promoter(THIS IS CLEARLY A BREACH OF CONTRACT),” said a spokesperson for Krystal Promotions.

Krystal Promotions say they intend to sue 9ice for damages. we’ll keep you posted on that.



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  2. Why are you one side? This is suppose to be a fair ground to read the truth. I googled to see more views on the matter.. who are the alaba people?, media houses, those quarters? The tone of the whole piece is you an apologist of Krystal People.

    Left for guys like you, there wont be achiever around, PHD is worrying una, and dont understand what you people get to gain from the P.H.D..

    I’ll quote 9ice .. “Efi wan si le, eje kan ma so lo….. ola aba lo mo jo san, ola opolo lo mo yo, ola oluwa lo mu ni yan…. ”


  3. Why you delete my comment?

    This act really shows the kind of PR u and ur cohorts are doing. Olorun o ni fu n e se..

    “Efi wan si le eje kan ma so lo” .. cos u have access to internet, you think you can use that as a medium of destroyin one good works.. lai lai, olorun o ni fu n e se..

    I know you will delete also, but i wont stop my own side pulling you down too, PR jeun jeun

    I still dont understand what you stand to gain.. or has 9ice turned down your PR offer… and what amaze most is you are a yoruba man.. Yoruba ro nu uuu oooo


    Naijamusicbiz says:

    LOL..i didn’t delete your comment o!!!!!..i was moderating all new comments so i cud reply em..see, its back online!!you’re a true fan!!! i’m a fan of 9ice too..a big one. did you read my opening remarks..i pointed fingers at his management not 9ice because i’m in the biz and i know what’s up.

    the very first thing a manager confirms is if 9ice will be available on the date the show will be staged.. then he ensures that 9ices welfare is in tact..traveling arrangements, accommodation, number of people flying etc..before the money comes in!!!!

    from what has been said money did change hands and the excuse for not showing up is saying that the promoters planing to fly them in illegally? i mean they collected money!!!!! pls Jude okoye if you’re online help me out here and explain this things to this guy..i think i’ll have to get P-Square’s manager to write a guest post on my blog..he’s one of the best!!that’s no hype!! before i loose track of what i was saying..

    [speaking pidgin] d promoters no be embassy now!!!..na tickets and hotel reservation their own matter end.

    i’m not on anybody’s side o!!maybe its my knowledge of the biz that makes me sound so biased..maybe. that’s why i posted both letters from both parties i.e Alapomeji Entertainment and Krystal Promotions so that y’all can judge for yourself..

  4. Mr. Sole nice i hear from you.

    Sorry bro, I behaved that way, on behalf of my Family and I, am very very sorry for the names calling. with all due respects, I like your response.

    And I wont mind you delete my second posts, I got a wrong signal not seeing my first post.

    Thanks for the enlightement, am still on alapomeji’s side, but agree with you, 9ice still need some bashing too, now it’s clear it’s both party’s fault.

    What else can I say, than to say AM SORRY, Jide


    Naijamusicbiz says:

    hey!!no need to apologize!!I’m glad you responded..you spoke on behalf of many of 9ice’s die hard fans out there who may read my post on 9ice and immediately get offended and react the same way you did.

    that’s why I’ll have to let your comments stay so that other fans can relate with your anger and maybe calm down when they read my response.. you did well..don’t feel bad.


  5. Well stuffs like this make me sad when I see them.

    I agree with the publisher, and I also disagree with him. Agree in the sense that money changed hands, therefore it didn’t make sense for the management of Alapomeji to try and counter anything when it is so glaring that they would loose the case if they go to the court.9ice is loosing it. Check Dbanj and psquare who has been in the game long before him. None of them have come out to spread their dirty linens in public, not like they don’t have, but they know how to manage crisis like this. He did it b4 when he ditched star to go and perform for mandela, and he will do it again if possible. One advise, 9ice so desperately needs a publicist. Which brings me to why I disagree with the publisher of the blog

    If 9ice has a publicist,Tony payne shouldn’t be the one covering his mess. Her message or note was so unprofessional that it leaves me wondering if 9ice will last long in the industry. His attitude is all wrong. I suspect he has smone in the media coverin up for him or y has the story not blown in the papers. I won’t blame his manager, have you heard of the saying that you can take a horse to the water, but you can’t force it to drink water. I rest my case.

    As for krystal, I sympathise when them on their lose. And did I forget to include that he also needs an attorney cos he might be needing him soon


  6. It is not out-of-date information? Because I have other data on this theme.

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  8. Alapomeji
    We run things
    9ice is nice so no charges against him. KILONSO.

  9. U are just an ass hole,,,,,u are giving people a idea abt an artiste and his management that has done something good for 9ja and now his got lots of followers!!!!that love him to the bone,,,point of correction toni payne is 9ice wife and not his publicist,ola is 9ice manager and adekunle ayeni is 9ice publisist,,,,,dumb fool

    Naijamusicbiz says: lol! Adeoye,
    obviously you didn’t take time to check out the date of the post before commenting. these events occurred long before 9ice married Toni (his publicist at the time).

  10. U ARE GOOD AND A NICE RAPPER……………………………………………………….. KUDOS TO YOUR RYTHMES//////////////…………………..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,FROM YOUR LOVING FANS…….


  12. 9ice baba i dey always feel u i wish to be like u

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