I am the voice of the Nigerian youth – Charly Boy

Charly Boy who is often referred to as ‘area fada’ because of the fatherly role he has often played in the lives of the street kids, is on the verge of actualizing his long time dream to rehabilitate derailing youths and see them on the path of progress. To actualize his dream, Charly Boy is setting up a multi-purpose youth centre in Abuja. Sources say  that the youth centre, which is aimed at training youths and artistes, as well as showcasing talents in all genres of entertainment, will be set up with an estimated N4.5m

“My main dream has always been to establish a youth centre where I could take many young Nigerians off the streets and where I could on a wider scale, rehabilitate a lot of damaged youths in this country. I have become the spokesperson of all the youths and that is why I have decided to build a N4.5 million complex to actualize my dream,”  he says

Charly Boy also stated that the Nigerian youths were burning away in currents of agony, owing to the insensitivity of the system and he apportions part of the blame to parents and teachers alike. “It is true that parents are already failing in their duties, but I can not totally blame them because they too are victims of a failed social structure. Parents have become so frustrated and deprived that no time is apportioned to their children any longer. Of course, they too can not take care of themselves, so how can they take care of their children?”

“Teachers too are no longer interested in imparting knowledge into pupils. They are no longer bothered about taking up the honorable role of building the future of the children.” says Charly boy who is popularly referred to as Area Fada to these neglected groups of youths in the society.


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