RIP Sammie Needle

While the industry is still mourning the passing away of veteran practitioners like Sonny Okosuns and Jossy Olajoyegbe, the industry has suffered another tragic loss; 38 yr old singer and producer, Sammie Needle kicked the bucket in the early hours of May 29 after a brief illness.


Sources reveal that the late singer had complained about his difficultly to urinate and excrete, and as such was undergoing treatment – barely days after his demise – as an outpatient of a hospital close to his Ogba residence.


Before his death, the decade old performer was working on a new album – his first in years – that was scheduled to be released under his label tagged Sammie Needle Rhythm and culture (SNRC).


“We were discussing about doing a track together in his new album some weeks back. Sammie Needle was so full of life that day! May my God accept [his] sweet soul as [he] rests in peace,” says gospel singer, Segun Obe after he heard about the singer’s demise.


His long overdue album project which was in the works before his demise, was being supported by Cross River State’s former first lady, Onari Duke, who had taken an interest in his talent and had invited the late performer and his band several times to perform for the then ‘First Family’. He is survived by wife, Murna Odeh, and parents.



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  1. Kai this is a very sad information, Sammie is dead. May his soul rest in peace

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