Ill Bliss aka Dat Ibo Boy set to unveil solo Debut

One month after an armed robbery incident where he lost laptop and external hard drive containing all unreleased materials for his much awaited debut, Ill Bliss is on the verge of unveiling his all new album. At an exclusive studio listening session for his highly anticipated album titled The Rebellious LP, Ill Bliss showcased Hiphop material that proves that he was indeed aiming for the number one rap spot.


Ill Bliss whose solo debut single You Go Wound bagged an award for Best Hiphop Video at the maiden edition of the Soundcity Music Video Awards 2008, has blamed the media for the growing misconception of the Hiphop culture in Nigeria.


 “Everybody is ‘Hiphop’ these days, even pop artists. The media has been confusing the masses on what ‘Hiphop’ really means; they are confusing it with the ‘pop’ culture. Today, many people do not understand the art form out here very much. The culture is Alien to them,” says Ill Bliss who is confident that The Rebellious LP would redefine Hiphop in Nigeria.


The Rebellious LP contains hit singles; You Go Wound and Dat Ibo Boy, as well as hot tracks like Salute, Currency Boyz (feat.Eldee the Don), Blessing (feat.General Pype), Lead the Way (feat Simeone) and National Cake, among others. The album is scheduled for release mid June, on his independent imprint, The Goretti Company.



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