9ice looses car to Ruggedman

Following a bet over the just concluded Champions League finals between Manchester United and Chelsea, rave-of –the- moment singer, Akande Abolore, popularly known as 9ice is expected to forfeit his Honda Accord to friend and rapper, Ruggedman.


9ice, a Chelsea fan had offered to forfeit his car to Ruggedman (a Manchester United fan) should the latter’s favorite football club walk away with the cup.


However as soon as the match ended with penalty kicks to the favor of Ruggedman’s  favorite team, the rapper has persistently tried to ensure that his friend honors his bet by relinquishing his car. Sources say that Ruggedman has been unable to reach the singer since the match ended as it appears that the singer has gone into hiding.


“Ruggedman has been trying to reach 9ice since the match ended but the guy has refused to pick up his calls. It is as if 9ice has gone into hiding,” says a source close to Ruggedman. The rapper has told all who care to listen to tell 9ice to come out of hiding and bring his ‘rightfully owned’ Honda to his apartment in Yaba.




  1. nice why?

  2. 9ice no mind them.u see that ride esa lobade

  3. Nice, why you bet if you know say u no go fit keep to ur words.

  4. ruggedy collect ur ride 4 him hand jooo

  5. nice u too much to dey bet now,but all thesame go give d guy him car make matter rest

  6. Nice,u for no bet wen u know say u no go fit release the car now,but all the same there is nothing u can do about it than to just release the car make matter rest.U too much

  7. d 2 of una be my guys na, why e com be like dis na?, well, make una settle am peacefully

  8. 9ice you too much joo Blues 4life (but be very careful ooo)

  9. 9ice why u dey hide
    if u know say u no fit why u bet
    roggedman u kuma car wey u no buy u won get
    leave the person wey buy him ride enjoy am u too like free things
    abi u no get money buy honda.

  10. Rugged man you too much, but just leave the Car for the guy, becos you are a big boy, make e non be like say na honda car na you do drag with 9ICE, MANU that is what we are , free style for the guy, I LUV ONE

  11. 9ice, my guy it is a big shit man, u no say that guy na ur man as guys do chart some time, just call him and give him the car back for live to proceed, cuz idon hapen & idon hapen, if u need car u what to get ur self a new car not the one of ur guy, how u go feel? just return de car back 2 ruggedman, make wahalah carry go 1 luv

  12. Well,9nice you gas release d car, na u promise am now

  13. 9ice 1

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