Peter and I are a good combination- Munachi Abii

Former most beautiful girl in Nigeria (MGBN), Munachi Abii, has said that the alleged affair between her and Peter Okoye of the hip-hop group, P-square was stirred up by fans who desired to see them become a couple since it appeared  they  made a good combination.
“I think it is because we look like a good combination,” says Munachi, “Peter is one of the handsome twins that make up P-Square. I am Munachi of the MBGN fame who also loves music. The fact that people see us together is what they like to talk about. Peter is a close friend and that is it.”

Reacting to the news that Peter’s girlfriend of three years, Lola, was already three months pregnant for the singer, Munachi described Lola as a beautiful lady with a warm and friendly personality and that she was happy that the couple was having a baby together. She also stated that she was highly anticipating the baby’s arrival so that she could rejoice heartily with the yet-unmarried couple.

While she is settling down to a life outside the crown and all of the controversies surrounding her, the ex-beauty queen is busy gathering materials for her rap album. Her rap verses alongside Terry Tha Rapman on a track called My P.H Girl, have erased doubts of many critics who had earlier written her off a talented rapper.



  1. i think she (Munaachi) loves Peter and she is jealous of peter getting married to lola

  2. i think peter had an affair with her that is,munachi,,,,we arent kids,,,whats with all the we are best friends stuff,i look foward to her rap album sha

  3. Muna A had an affair with peter for sure but he dumped her because he still loved lola and for the baby on the way. Lanre Nzeribe also dumped munachi abii after 1 month of secret affair during her MBGN reign. what a shame on you munachi!

  4. muna had an affair with peter.dat we all know.wonder y she keeps denying it.she was hoping he will marry her as per ibo connection.if only she knew[lol].

  5. she needs to pick up the pieces of her life and stop sleeping around.its getting boring.

  6. I think peter dumped her after sleeping with her. Am sorry for you babie but l know God will give your own husband. Myself l love these guys bad and l cant wait to see them and the new baby

  7. muna, dnt feel bad about what people say i understand how u feel but it its not dat bad. i can c dat u still hve feelings for peter,but sweetheart u jst hve to let him go. u ar still young and there ar thousands of good looking guys out there waiting for u ,so go get them, i love yur school spirit sweetheart,

  8. My greatest joy will be to get married to MUNACHI ABII.
    Though I’m not a celebrity yet but watch out for me.
    She is such a gorgeous girl. I love her.
    Don’t mind GOSSIPSSSSS!

  9. I think muna and the world greatest pee pee pee psquare(peter) are a wonderful combination check them out in ifunanya.but peter if she is ur wife she is ur wife frm Anthony (a square)

  10. I think the beautiful can date whoever pleases her…..

  11. i heard you are very saucy(munachi) and besides my opinion of you and Peter together is “No” even if you’re the most beautiful girl in the universe( sorry 2 say) don’t decieve yourself by waiting for peter… he likely would not marry you, his heart is somewhere else.

  12. Please people don’t be fooled, whats is this thing of an affair with Muna??? so what should we call “it” when Peter sleeps with other women?? its sad to say That at that moment I let things get too far then realised that it was the worst ever.. Some guys are just good looking for nothing. he liked me , I liked him bt he is an amature. so ladies dont be tempted by the looks, they dont do much when the lights go off!! I still Jiggy to my PS songs & we are good friends.. not so sure after this. ❤

  13. Is the world seeing this gurl? Damn she outa be the picture Africa should display to the big globe as her music queen. God i wish she was a South African. Hell hotter than the Keri hilsons and more

  14. Why can’t u b***hes just live munachi alone. wat if she was dumped by peter! Did she tell u bitches that she had an affair wit peter. Just stop hating, u are only jealous bcos of her closeness wit peter which u bitches wil neva get in a hundred years.

  15. Nawa o! So bad belle still exist in broad daylite. How r u sure she dated Peter? Ur already callin her names. Its ur type dat will neva help to rebrand Nigeria.

  16. Nigerian should wake up,Everybody want to no who is dating who,criticisen each order,And u people does worst what this young girl has done,Beside who told u people that peter want to marry lola?They only have child together out of mistake,So have it in ur skull,he is not yet ready for marriage,so they should not trap him wt child.

  17. Lolz to my brodas psquare.muna,u shud av understood dat peter waz just playin around wit u nd even lola(even if she has his baby).just try 2 b decent nd d rite person will com…….nd as 4 peter nd paul,go nd look 4 a bride nd stop defilin innocent girls………

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