Yinka Craig battles cancer

I know this story is a little stale but I had to post it anyway for y’all who haven’t heard.


Veteran broadcaster and TV personality, Yinka Craig is battling cancer. He has been fighting Non Hodgkins Lymphoma (NHL) since 2006. The disease is described as a group of cancers that affects the white blood cell.


Since the news broke at an online hub on the, fans from all works of life have been showing their love and support. Although it could not be readily confirmed what his current state of health is, I heard that a group of journalists have started mobilizing members to help raise funds to aid the veteran sports commentator who has helped many cut their teeth in sports journalism. There are high hopes that the ailing veteran win this battle for survival against cancer and I pray that the Good Lord that heals all wounds will visit his situation and make him whole again.


Please include Yinka Craig in your prayers. Thanks!!



  1. Be strong for Nigeria as Nigeria is strongly Praying for your Survival.

  2. He that watches over Israel neither sleeps nor slumber. Yinka Craig will scale through this illness by the grace of God.

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