Why I Left Now Muzik – Lanre lawall

Former Head, Artiste Management of Nigeria’s biggest artiste management/events and media company, Now Muzik, Mr. Lanre Lawall has finally cleared the air on his current relationship with the company. There had been speculated reports that his exit was the major reason behind Now Muzik’s downsizing of the management arm of their company. However, the young CEO of Blarque Brotha Entertainment has revealed that he still has a cordial relationship with the outfit and slams reports that suggests that he walked away with key clients of Now Muzik. In a chat with naijamusicbiz, Lanre Lawal bares it all as he talks about reasons behind his decision leave Now Muzik, and his current relationship with former clients of the outfit.


First of all, tell us about your company?


Blarque Brotha Entertainment is a full entertainment solution outfit that specializes in Artistes management, Media/PR. we also intend to branch out to Music Promotions, and Events management in the near future. 


What motivated you to set up your own outfit?


I have always wanted to do this. I started this outfit in 2001. It was called Blarque Entertainment then. My company was awarded the Best Artiste Management Company in Agege in 2002 but I believed I still had much to learn about the business. I met Mr. Omorogbe, the CEO of Now Muzik through a mutual friend and the rest is history. It was a life-changing move for me. Now Muzik is like a tertiary institution where I learnt some advanced tricks of the trade. It was like schooling and getting paid for it!


So why did you leave Now Muzik?


I felt it was time I put the things that I had learnt into practice. I felt it was time for me to go back to what I started, and take it to a higher level. Now Muzik opened many doors for me and I tell you; I will always be grateful to Efe Omorogbe.


How is your relationship with Now Muzik at the moment?


Now Muzik is my alma mater o! first of all, Mr. Efe Omorogbe  is my friend and big brother, before anything; I still see him as my boss. We are still very close. I am still very close to everyone at Now Muzik. I still call Mr. Omorogbe for advice; I still look out for their artistes. We are cool.


Speaking of artistes, is it true that you walked away with a lot of Now Muzik’s clients?


Not at all. I left long before Now Muzik decided to downsize. No artiste left now muzik because of me.  These artiostes had a mutual disengagement agreement with the company. Now Muzik wanted to restructure and focus on other areas they felt was more profitable for the company. I had nothing to do with it.


So how many of Now Muzik’s ex-clients do you have on your platform at the moment?


At the moment, none


So who are your clients?


Blarque Brotha Entertainment is just starting out. We are  having talks with a number of clients both home and abroad, but I can not disclose who they are yet until all the paperwork is done.


We hear you are working with Ruggedman…


Ruggedman’s account was one of the many briefs I handled while working at Now Muzik and as an artiste manager, you have to have some sort of personal relationship with the artiste. That relationship continued after I left Now Muzik. However, at the moment, I am not Ruggedman’s manager.


What is your word to people who aspire to run an Artiste Management/Media/PR outfit like yours?


Four words: Professionalism, honour, integrity and passion. They come in any order but if you possess these four virtues the chances that you are going to succeed in this business are very high.





  1. Lanre men, keep it coming. I and one of the people who’s always known you be a hard working and level headed. Please keep doing what you do…you’ll get there.
    You know the business…no doubt about that. You alo did a good job answering the questions and giving props to the company that tried to blacklist you aftre you gave them all you heart. I got the text Smuv sent out amd I felt bad! I’m sure efe is not aware of that, anyway. If he is, then; they’ll all see you atop…soon!
    one love Lanre.

    Daniel Okeke (PH); hope you remember me!

  2. Lanre is a breath of fresh air, met him once and i saw the entrepreneur in him…dude i think twas a very smart move, m sure efe is proud of you too my man. hey Blarque Brotha Entertainment…..thats wats up!

  3. Lanre,
    You’ll always be on top, we are proud of you. Keep doing what you know best: good music. Long live Blarque Brotha.

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