Asa and P-Square to Perform For World’s Happiest People

The International Conference Centre, Abuja will on May 31 be the meeting point of the fun loving Nigerians who will witness performances from Nigeria’s hottest male and female acts P-Square and Asa, respectively. Besides thrilling perfomances by Asa and P-square, comedians like I go Die, Okey  Bakkasi, Basket Mouth, Gandoki, Gordons, Klint D Grunk among others are expected to bring the house down with rib-cracking jokes.


The event, tagged World’s Happiest People, which is expected to hold the largest gathering of Nigeria’s finest comedians, was designed celebrate the tenacity of Nigerians who remain lively despite the numerous problems in the country.


Ifeanyi Ogbu, Chief Executive of Ski-Hi Entertainment (the event’s organizers), stated that despite that hardship faced by Nigerians – such that would attract a high suicide rate in most countries – Nigerians have still remained hopeful, happy and very alive.


“The spirit of Nigerians is not found anywhere else in the world; with all the hardship and frustration in the country, the average Nigerian still exhibits a healthy sense of humour. There is laughter in buses, prisons, hospitals, charges, schools over things that could have caused social unrest in other societies. We are certainly the happiest people in the world.” says Ogbu who also revealed that the event will be aired on African Independent Television (AIT) International to allow Nigerians and non Nigerians experience the fun and thrills of the event


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  1. Hi, what a great ideal, I’m really happy that someone like you can come up with this innovation. Keep it up. Despite the hardships, challenges, poverty level that would have cause a conflict or social unrest in another countries, we all laugh over it and hope that new structures will be put in place to check the inregularities we have in our country.

    I congratulate the people behind this project. U guys are great. Pls, as you promised to show it live on AIT. Pls, do, cos not everybody will be able to travel down to ABUJA capital city to watch the show. I’m proud to be a Nigerian. NAIJA 4 LIFE. I want to use this priviledge also to appeal to all Nigerians, Lets keep hope alive. Lets be proud of our country. Stand all against anybody who treat Nigerians in an unfairly manner or discriminate against them. Be patrotic. Peace & Unity. Love u all (Nigerians).

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