P-Square Vs Hiphopworld Awards

P-Square swept all the awards they were nominated in at the previous editions of the pretigious hiphopworld awards. however, they did not bag a single award in the third edition of the pretigious event. indeed change did change..but the boys didn’t take their defeat likely. Their brother and manager, Jude Okoye dropped a bombshell  on the organizing committee of the Awards in a recent interview stating that the awards had lost its credibility. Jude also accused the organizers of tribalism and nepotism.

Although P-square claims that their brother didn’t speak on their behalf , there is an indication of a battle line being drawn by the HiphopWorld Awards crew against the rnb duo who appear to treaten the Award’s credibility. although, award’s organizers haven’t responded to these allegations, bloggers haven’t wasted anytime to air their views on the matter – in favour of the Awards and her organizers of course!

check out some comments on the ‘beef’ right here: P-Square says Hiphop World is a Shame

and here: Bloggers Gives P-Square a No Case Submission

and here: Spoilt Superstars (and I completely agree..took the words right outta my mouth!!!)

meanwhile, here are the winners list”


















































  1. i see you’ve started a blog Slug. nice one. been following ur stuff on national daily too…

    better late than never…

    pls keep it up…


  2. I sincerely do not feel bad about the negative opinions from facebook users about Ayeni’s write up because it has been based on what Ayeni and Co have written about how psquare responded towards their not collecting an award from all nominations. It is good to note that you should never conclude a judgement before hearing from both sides. I am not going to make this an issue but I respect your opinions and I think that at this point I deem it necessary to let you know what took place after the award and how Psquare responded after the awards.

    I would like to ask some questions though before I lay stress on this conflicting issue at hand

    1. Why was PSquare never mentioned on HIP TV that they were billed to perform on the hiphop world award day when they have been invited from inception?

    2. Why was Psquare’s past winnings and footages not mentioned when they were showing the nominees of the 2008 hiphop world award with the past winners of same categories?

    3. HUMILITY: Talking about humility, why was Psquare the only ‘A’ listing artiste that attended the nominees party?
    Also under humility, after not winning any of the awards on that fateful day, Psquare was still called upon to perform, which they humbly went back stage for and got set ONLY for Sasha and Dakore to start giving vote of thanks, praying that everyone gets home safe, even as the hall got almost empty, they still called on Psquare to get on stage to perform which they still humbly did.

    Now tell me, what level of humility are you people talking about? Ayeni said something about kids and Psquare at the airport. This is the first time I am hearing this, likewise yourselves I believe. Was it something that happened recently, or something that happened in the past? The only time we were at the airport with Ayeni was in 2006 when we went to London for the Mobo awards. My fellow readers, as professional journalist that has guts as claimed, why was this not reported at the time it happened if it ever happened? why is it now? If Psquare can get on stage after not winning an award, and if Psquare can perform in an almost emptied hall discarded by the organizers vote of thanks, Tell me realistically if Psquare are capable of doing such at the airport.

    4. The Call: He claimed that Peter gave him a call. Ayeni was right. Yes Peter (Psquare) called Ayeni because he got back home from an award he went for with high hopes disappointed and decided to seek for advice from a supposed journalist friend knowing fully well from experience that other journalists and reporters would start trooping in for comments about the awards that they did not win because my fellow readers, whether you believed it or not, everybody (both in the hall and non attendants) were surprised that Psquare did not win an award from 5 nominations. Peter put a call to a supposed friend (Ayeni) to seek for his ‘candid opinion’ to enable him (peter) answer questions correctly when the press starts calling for comments and interviews.

    Fellow readers, even as I write you this, I am still confused on why the supposed trusted friend (AYENI) could answer Peters questions with such personal negativity on news papers and also on the internet.

    5. TRIBALISM: God knows I never tribalized the outcome of the hiphop world award. I was only against giving the best video to Stylee from DJ TEE. If ‘Do me’ video wasn’t good enough to be the winner in that category, was Asa’s video not good enough? if not, was Sasha’s video or Ty Bello’s not also good enough too? Why must they stoop that low to STylee? All these mentioned nominees are all yorubas. So why was I quoted as being tribalistic? They are the press; ( AYENI & AYO ANIMASHAUN) they own the print media so can as well print whatever they like .
    Secondly, best album of the year. And they said that the winner was Asa. If we are to believe that the criteria for winning is based on general acceptability like they said (HIPHOP WORLD AWARD COMMITEE), Tell me the honest truth, if you take a walk from door to door in your neighbourhood and take a censors count of Nigerian artistes albums in every 100 household, I bet that you would come out with an average of 10 Psquare’s ‘Game over’ Album, 10 2Faces ‘Grace 2 grace’ album and 10 Faze’s ‘Independent’ album. How many of Asa’s recent album ‘ASA’ will be picked? Taking a trip to the nooks and crannies of this country, north, south, east and west, where all these albums are believed were patronized, everybody can identify Psquare, Faze and 2face’s albums and can sing from track 1 to the last track. How many people including you can sing or identify all ASA’s recent album tracks? Talk of general acceptability.

    To conclude, if there should be any negative response amounting from this current issues, I think that all should be addressed to me, because from the day of the award till date, Psquare have not said anything concerning the outcome of the hip-hop world award. As far as I am concerned, this is all about a betrayal from a supposed friend whom Peter confided in as a publicist that is reminding us about what happened to Idris Abdul Kareem a fellow artiste whom they marred.

    IDRIS ABDULKAREEM: Hip-hop world magazine, designed Idris Abdul Kareem on the front page of their magazine with horns representing a demon forgetting that he is a brother that needs an advice and guideline to carry on with his career, as we all know that celebrity status easily gets into people’s head. Ayo Animashaun, the owner of the said magazine instead, portrayed him as a demon with two horns on his head on the front page of hip-hop world magazine. I bet that they are all glad now that he is no more in the music scene as he is supposed to.

    Is Psquare their NEXT TARGET?


    Please go back and read what AYENI wrote about Psquare and make your judgement.

    PETER: ‘Ayeni I want you to tell me the truth. What is your opinion of what happened last Saturday?’

    AYENI: Because I don’t like mincing words, I told him straightaway: ‘I’m disappointed in you guys. I think you are bad losers’.

  3. To me I think there’s smthn else attachd 2 ds award,I mean the video DOME deserves more than an award so what are we talkn about.I just don blv P.SQUARE didn’t go home with an award,it’s simply bifffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff.bad belleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.Simply miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

  4. From Ahaoma Kanu
    National Daily Newspaper
    Ikeja, Lagos
    Hi all,

    I have been watching with interest what is going on here. Yes, Ayeni must be having his fifteen minutes, no doubt.

    But I must contribute as a journalist here.

    For a journalist and publicist who has put in many years in the job, it was wrong for Ayeni to publish the transcripts of a phone conversation he had with Peter of P-Square. Men, why should he do this knowing the ethics of the profession.

    Ayeni should have known that his comments on the issue as a member of the organizing committee of HHWA should be guided.

    I believe that it is the job of the journalist to calm nerves and make everybody take a chill pill.

    I believe that the integrity of HHWA is there for everybody to see. As a profesional journalist, he should have allowed neutral people to make the commentaries. Things like this can make the sponsors have divided opinion on the issue.

    If at all he was supposed to publish the confidential conversationhe had with one of the members of P-Square, he ought to have informed him that whatever they were about to say would be published.

    Publishing this because he has the will to do so shows that Ayeni has so much to learn in the ethics of journalism.

    This is not the first time that Ayeni will be publishing a private conversation he had with people that called him innocently; I still remember what he did to the conversation he had with RMD. C’mon somebody talk to this guy about ethics.

    What do you think?

    Ahaoma Kanu
    National Daily Newspapers

  5. hey Kanu my bro…How u dey?

    Pls try to get your facts right o!!!!!!!!!!!


    I repeat NEVER!

    And for your information, i TOLD Peter expressly that i was going to publish our conversation and my opinion in ThisDay…

    So please get your facts right next time or else… I’ll sue… ha ha ha!

    See, don’t we all have SO MUCH to learn about THE ETHICS of our noble and dear profession…?

    all that aside… can you now look at the issues clearly and GIVE US your SINCERE opinion?


  6. i think psqure were xpecting too much from there work and that is too unfortunate.the best album goes to no other artist than Asa undisputed,psquare cannot get that we are not talking of the most heard song we are talking og quality production,lyrics,melody that can stand the test of time internationally.psquare canot fit for concert internationally,i prefer there last album b4 game over,cause game over is just a repitition of the previous.talking about video do me was short in club or wateva is it the parading of south africa girls or wat? they shut up.check out fire on th mountain,greenland.anyway i think they shud remember the days of sonirita and stop bragging.u guys shud give ayeni a breathing space.

  7. in my opinion ayeni is a very bad friend i dont care,journalist or no journalist,even if i know peter and paul are bad losers,but for a friend ayeni should do better,anyway no they(p square) would be careful about the friends they have.

  8. Ayeni or wateva is ur name, i really dnt wnt 2 hear ur side of d story cuz u wld definately be lying.Jst wntd 2 remind u dt wat goes around comes all d way back around.

    Jude Peter, and paul, jst 4get hiphop awards of dis yr,is all clear dt they purposedly gave out most of the categories to yorubas.
    No mind dem,dey be busy bodies n go soon soji.

  9. Ayeni u r wicked

  10. SMVA is on friday and i knw p square is gonna take an award home.

  11. P square and jude, i also think u guys were expecting 2 much.
    Award or no award d crowd still love u guys n i pray jude’s statement s dnt land psquare as a whole in2 trouble. Remember u guys won this awards 4rm hiphop previously n no one complained so pls dnt soil ur name as being arrongant.The issue of tribalism is very sensitive so jude, u really shldn’t hv brought it up. Let sleeping dogs lie abeg.U guys shld lie low on dis matter so it wldn’t come btw u guys and ur fans.

  12. Jude or whoever responded on behalf of Psquare. I totally agree with you on everything aside from calling Asa out, she is a total package and filled with Originality. I am based in the states and more than half the Nigerians i know can sing all the song on Asa’s album not to talk of friends back home she deserved the award so does Psquare but no one made a fuzz when Psquare won every category they were nominated for last yr.It is a challenge go back and do what you do and come back blazing.

  13. we want to have a contact of P-Square for a spectacle in Togo. tks

  14. i dink peter n paul shd look into da inner side of a person b4 engaging dem self 2 anyone dat is a lesson taught n if they r clever enough they wld hv quit 4rom ayeni long time ago.mine is 2 say dat peter n paul be urself n let no one despises u in any situation in life ur da best u can be n plz rem dat every step taken in a situation in life determine ur future. u hv gd voice n everythig u guyz produce is perfect dont be discourage in dat its just a passer-by one usually pass in life especially whn u r perfect n hv good dings.God bless u n always do someding courageously people r there 2 despise u bt u r dere 2 show dem u can make it thro LORD who stregthen u.

  15. For real Jude you are messing up the whole thing for your brothers. If you think you are helping them, you are not. And for those silly people who are saying Jude is right you need to stop being silly, Since when did this industry become about tribalism? This industry has been clean of this tribal crap and that is why it has been doing well. As for Asa, she definitely deserved the award, best album does not equate which album has the most sales or which album do people know best. It equates what it says “best album”. Asa deserved that award for sure. If it was about sales, how come 50 cents and Beyonce and the rest don’t win all the grammys?

    Secondly, P-Square has been winning these awards for some time now and no body said anything, how come all of a sudden the day they don’t, Jude starts this campaign of triabalism? or what are you implying Jude, that your brother are the self proclaimed best in those categories?

    Thirdly, Igbo people run Nollywood and you don’t here Joke Silver and Omotola crying foul when they don’t win awards? So should we start calling the award for movies “Igbo Movie Awards” or wateva? Of course not. The fact that most of the big Musicians in the music industry are Yorubas does not mean that it should be tagged as tribalism, they sing the kind of music that gets Nigerians moving it has nothing to do with their tribe.

    Finally, P-Square was nominted for 5 awards and so this forces their fans to split their votes while voting for them in 5 different categories, as opposed to people like Tuface who were nominated like once or so, and so their fans will focus on making sure they win that particular category that they were nominated for. It is just like Leonardo DeCaprio when he was nominated for “Departed” and “Blood Diamonds” and still could not win. He definately deserved the win for that award but did not get it not because he was not good enough, but because, people probably liked him in both movies and so were splitting their votes and so he did not win. Statistics came into play here just like it did there so cut the tribalism crap out.

    I am neither Igbo nor Yoruba, but I am highly dissapointed in the way Jude is making people lose respect for his brothers. This is never the way to about things. You need to accept that all the nominees are deserving of the award and stop making it seem as if your brothers are more deserving than others, that will only help them and not hurt them.

  16. […] for nominees and winners. Of course we can’t quickly forget P-square’s manager and brother, Jude Okoye’s strong accusations against the organizers after last year’s […]

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