Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, Munachi Abii to Record Rap Album

Outgoing Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, Munachi Abii, has come public with her desire to attain a successful career in rap music. after fulfilling one -part of her childhood fantasies which is to become a beauty queen, Munachi has summoned the courage to boldly go where no beauty queen would dare: trade off the fancy dresses and high heels for baggy jeans and baseball hats.

In a recent interview, the outgoing beauty queen eagerly stated her plans for her future after the crown. “I have great and exciting plans for my future…I am definitely going back to my music. I want to use the contacts I have gained from being a beauty queen to push my music forward. I want to be famous for doing music, for rapping, the same I’ve been for being a beauty queen, even more if possible.”

Munachi Abii revealed that she had always dreamt of being a beauty queen as a child, but she never really had the courage to do it until she was forced by her supportive friends and loving family, to enter for the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2007 pageant – a pageant she gracefully won. however, she also stated clearly her  strong passion for rap music

Sources close to the outgoing beauty queen cum rapper disclosed that she recorded a song with Hiphopworld Award Nominee, Terry Tha Rapman titled My P.H Girl that can be found on Terry’s album titled Tha Rapman Beginz.



  1. Munachi abii must be kidding thinking she can take this far. How did she become MBGN i the frist place? what difference has she made besides dating different men during her reihn

  2. U just a hater.. let d babe do what she’s passionate about doing… How she won the contest? By being beautiful and smart, silly!!!! As far as dating different guys, u wud chase the babe if u were a dude… and if u are a dude, dont lie that u fantasize too… she isnt a whore, just a fine girl with many male admirers. get a life meeen… and be happy for the girls success.. Hater!

  3. helen wats ur problem? munachi has been interestd in rap music since b4 nigeria knew. she’s a ph rapper named baby rella. dnt hate cuz she’s beautiful, sexy n famous; i forgot 2 say she’s humble n nice cuz she was a very nice senior student in federal govt girls college Abuloma here in ph. she was a rapper on excel music b4 she became MBGN so dnt b jealous. mind u she can b a better rapper dan Sasha or Kel. hve u heard d song PH GIRL she did wit therry tha rap man? bout her sleepin wit dfrent guys, dats nt true. ask peter of psquare y he”s ul over her wen he’s dating lola. helen gues u’ve had sex wit more guys dan she has. u’r not a virgin so dnt call her names. if u’r so holy, u’r suposd 2 kip it til u’r marid. i hate gurls wu beef dia fellow gurls, dat’s not nice. uae ya head…………………………

  4. helen tukin bout hw she won? hw did Agbani win? its not bout been beautiful, its bout brains. Agbani was rilly nutty bt brilliant in federal govt gurls college so she won so tel me y munachi won’t win; she was a brain too. y is it dat wen eva a ph gurl or guy does nigeria proud, ppl hate. wat did OMOWUMMI, ABIOLA, n ul dose oda winners do? tel me. gurls like u get me sick……………..i feel i shud throw up cuz u helen disgusts. be brainy n beautiful, maybe u’l win a crown n guys wil run after u like dey run after munachi. PLAYER HATER

  5. go on girl, u are d best. there is notin stoping u from goin into rap music. u gat my full support

  6. You can do whatever you wanna, Ain’t nuthin to it, Naija plus your mind made you do it… Smalls- Z

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