Talib Kweli’s Hostile Gospel Boosts Nigeria’s Image abroad

Have y’all seen Talib Kweli’s Hostile gospel video? The whole ‘no locations’ mantra, as hummed by local video directors has gone with the winds courtesy of a music video tagged Hostile Gospel making the rounds on the internet. The music video, which was shot in Nigeria, is the latest offering of African-American rapper Talib Kweli. The video has received critical acclaim from everyone who has seen it especially from Hiphop music fans across Europe, United States, and the Caribbean.

The video for “Hostile Gospel Pt. 1 (Deliver Us)” finds Talib in Lagos making his way around the crowded city – transported by an okada rider – while showering love everywhere he went as he journeys towards Femi Kuti’s African Shrine. Responses of the video especially in the United States have been amazing that critics and fans alike have praised Talib Kweli’s effort in shedding Africa in a more positive light.

“It is funny to see the bikes – they call them Okadas – cruising around…It is not exactly Beirut in Nigeria as the media seem to project (actually, I wonder if Beirut is Beirut as we think of it these days even). There are isolated pockets of violence in the country I guess, but for the most part, it is a thriving and vibrant country with the third largest film industry in the world” says an online fan after the watching the music video premiere on the internet about two weeks ago.

“Talib Kweli came to Nigeria and [made a very impressive] video in the same place where most Nigerians have complained is unattractive for videos'” remarks another fan at an online  video hub where Hostile Gospel was uploaded for review.


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