Jeans For Genes: What’s sickle about a Cell?

Voice over artriste/creative writer/singer, Tosyn Bucknor has observed the need to sensitize the public of the genetic disorder, sickle cell and on the 29th of March, Fashion enthusiasts, entertainers, and charitable Nigerians will converge at Swe Bar to throw their weight on her initiative aimed at creating more awareness on sickle cell through fashion, music, media and entertainment.

The event tagged Jeans for Genes is  a Fashion Exhibition/ fundraiser that will showcase urban fashion designs from budding Nigerian designers, as well as creative talents in the world of music, and poetry while sensitizing the public on sickle cell.

“Noone really speaks about sickle cell, because people are afraid of it, and the ‘sicklers’ feel they should be ashamed of it, ” says Tosyn Bucknor, one of the organizers of the event. “We therefore decided that the best way to get people speaking about the [genetic anomaly] was to create a cozy environment and atmosphere where people could clearly talk about the issue or support the project while having fun.

Tosyn also stated that the Jeans for Genes project will provide hard working and creative fashion designers who have not been celebrated the opportunity to shine. Some of the designers expected to showcase their works include Beampeh, Pablo, Byge, Labelles Touch, and Ayana, among others. Jeans for Genes will also showcase spoken word, music and poetry from M.I, Jesse Jags, Bez Idakula, Spoken Word maestro, SAGE, rock sensation, ETCETERA, Underground rap acts, KEL, and Drenco. There will also be special appearances by 2Shotz, Chiedu Ifeozo and Tosyn’s ater ego, CON.tra.diction.

“Jeans for genes is a lot more than just a fashion exhibition, it seems to be turning into an explosion of talent,” says Tosyn who is overwhelmed by the level of support and response the project has received for far both locally and internationally.



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  1. yes, the show was the bomb, nice performances too.from M.I to Drenco to sage.

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