DJ Jimmy Jatt Survives Deadly Auto Crash

Africa’s most celebrated Dj, DJ Jimmy Jatt narrowly escaped the claws of death when his GMC Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) with customized number plate J.JATT, climbed over a curvet and smashed into an electric pole along Ikorodu Road in Lagos. The blue jeep which has in a few years, become part of Jimmy Jatt’s identity is now a complete write off owing to the near fatal car crash he had on the 15th of March – the eve to the Hiphopworld Awards. The accident occurred while DJ was on his way home after dropping off a couple of his friends who were visiting Nigeria from South Africa from a night-out.

Trend gathered that Dj Jimmy Jatt had not slept a wink since the night before the incident and out of pre-caution -since he felt very tired – he attempted to drive slowly at the Ikorodu road just in case there was a broken-down truck on the way. Still very vague on what happened after, Jimmy became very alert when he opened his eyes to find his four airbags out – his car had climbed a culvert grinding to a halt after running into an electric pole.

Luckily, DJ Jimmy Jatt had his seat belt on and fortunately his airbags were working perfectly but most importantly, God was with him. He survived to pick up his noteworthy gold plated plaque for the following day at the Hiphopworld Awards. Stylee, the lead single off his career-defining mix-tape ‘Definition’ was named ‘Best Collabo’ at the 2008 Hiphop world awards. Trends also gathered that this is the first accident that Nigeria’s most influential deejay has ever had since he started driving at age 14.


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