Ruggedman’s 20th September Wear Still Coming Soon

Anticipating fans and customers looking to purchase a pair or two or more of Ruggedman’s line of urban Hiphop wears branded 20th September, will have to wait a little longer as the rapper/entrepreneur has pushed his clothing distribution date forward. Ruggedman who had earlier announced February 14 as the scheduled dispatch date for his first batch of Hiphop apparels says the postponement was to make sure customers get more value for money.

“I do not want give a definite date but the next time you hear me say anything about 20th September wears, it would be because it is already in the market. What you will be hearing from me then will be details on where you can purchase them. Right now, I just need everything to be done right,” says the rapper/hiphopreneur indicating his commitment towards delivering world class apparerlles that will make bith his fans and Africa proud.

“I can not take chances at all because in the fashion industry, it only takes one dissatisfied customer to close down your business. I can’t take clothes I am not satisfied with then put my image on them for customers to buy,” he adds.

Ruggedman appeals to his loyal fans to be patient, apologizes for the delay, and guarantees the public that his line of Hiphop clothing would be worth the wait.



  1. nigeria musician going into fashion can sometime be a disaster. Well i wish ruggedman or what they call him goodluck. But for me i would like 2 say that those clothes would be a disaster unless nigerian fashion is wacked. Well looking at the clothes he uses for his music production and video and even the clothes he attend awards in would definitely tell you that he has no sense of fashion. unless fashionable people come 2 his aid in this one.

  2. I wana shout out to rugged am a very big fan of his anyway,actually i will like to make rugged man know that i really do share in the sentiments of making his wears the no 1 thing on every body.actually i work with a marketing outfit called illfic marketing and we diversify in working on something of this nature i will like him to hook me up at so we both may talk better right…………….


  3. watever coment they make doesnt mater,as for me ruged is a buisness guy and he reason like 50 not only about hip hop they both have more stuffs to deliver to the world.rugedman dis a litle advise from ur real fans. 20th sep wear is hear to stay 4ever both local and international.i hope to do buisness with you some day,tony ceo tjlanzstyle clothing


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