United States and the UK in a frenzy over Yahoozee

Olu Maintain’s monster hit Yahoozee, is spreading like a wild fire across Europe and the United States. Words from certain quarters suggest that America’s number one talk show host, Oprah Winfrey, has even criticised the acceptance of his song. Although Olu Maintain has claimed no knowledge of Oprah’s criticism of his number one song, he is thankful to God for the global acceptance the song – and his album – has received.

According to sources, what started out as a visit to the Queensland transformed into a UK  tour. “First it was an invitation to party which later ended up with him putting up an impressive performance. Then two days later, a major UK show promoter made him a headline act valentine concert held in Manchester,” said the source who also disclosed that Olu Maintain will also be honoring several invitations to perform in Dublin, Ireland.

“Right now we are prepared to give Ireland the performance of their life. We are focused on giving them something different from what the people of London experienced, then we’re looking at possibilities of him touring the US as well,” said a US spokesperson for Olu Maintain during a chat with trend’tainment couple of days before Olu’s performance in dublin.

according to sources from dublin, Olu lived up to expectations. On the 23rd of Febuary, Dublin was on fire as he thrilled over 2600 fans present with  Yahoozee moves ‘on a kentro level.’

Yahoozee has bagged several ‘song of the year” award nominations in several countries that include Nigeria and UK.


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