Nigeria’s Premiere Internet Protocol Television Launches

The first Nigerian owned internet protocol television (IPTV) launched on the 12th of February. The IPTV, BroadMix Television is an urban ethnic music channel streaming a wide selection of top-notch music programs with diverse and unique styles of popular genres of music be it Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, Swing, Gospel, Reggae and Garage.

“For the first 4 weeks we’ll be showcasing explosive music videos from artistes of Nigerian origin just to create a buzz in the African region…after that its plain sailing on the Urban Ethnic tip.” Says Broadmix’s executive producer, Mr. Ayo Oshun, the London based Nigerian, who left Nigeria for the UK in 2003

“We operate as a 24hr channel catering to a wide ethnic audience especially viewers in the Diaspora; showing relevant music videos/programs from major ethnic regions such as Africa, Asia, the US, the Caribbean Islands and the UK.” He adds.

Mr Oshun also disclosed that his decision stations base, London, is a prime location that would aid Broadmix TV in garnering up an enormous amount of content and also grants them quick access to information and world events the likes of the UKAMA, MOBO awards, UMA, KORA, RISE festival and the Grammy awards.

Although the internet television is currently operating at 5% capacity/performance rate , Mr. Oshun hopes that Broadmix TV will be up and running in full capacity before the end of the second quarter. check our broadmix tv at Mr.Oshun would lovbe your feedbacks.


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