It’s Tough Being Solo – Ego Obaro

Ego, the one time back up singer for veteran Nigerian Jazz artiste, Lagbaja, has revealed that one of her major challenges in pursuing a solo career is trying to prove that she can hold her own outside the masked man’s shadows. During a chat with trend’tainment she disclosed that she’s intends to overcome this challenge by upgrading herself on every level.

“Doing my thing solo is a completely new experience for me. It is difficult trying to prove that I can hold my own, but I have been dealing with that by upgrading myself on every level,” says the R&B/Soul singer who now leads her own band called Indigo.
“ Trying to be a good [band] leader, businesswoman, and constantly putting in effort to improve oneself and the band is a different ball game. It is tough compared to just doing a show and getting paid, but it is empowering,” she adds.

The singer, whose rendition of Never Far Away offered her a share of spotlight, is thankful to God for her smooth journey to solo success so far after ten years of professional singing with Lagaja’s Band. She’s also overwhelmed by the support of family, and hubby/manager.

After an impressive solo offering in October last year – a single titled ‘I Believe’  – Ego’s hopes to release her yet untitled debut album later in the year.


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