Hello world!

Welcome to Naija Music Biz Blog. If you are an independent artiste with little/no knowledge on how to function in the Nigerian entertainment scene; or aspiring music business entrepreneur looking to achieve success in the Nigerian music industry then this blog’s for you. Nigeria boasts of over 150 million people – each with a heavy appetite for music. We’ll show you how to get in, fit in, and become as successful as you can be.

so if you’ve wondered why you aint getting the kinda buzz you deserve in Nigeria…

…or how to get the right airplay,

…or how to get billed to Perform at Shows and Get more Gigs,

…or maybe you need to broaden your fan base,

or you Need to Promote Your Music, Songs, Beats and/or Services to
The Right People In the Nigerian Music Industry..

then you’ve come to the right place!!

When it comes to Nigerian turf, most of the global marketing/promotional ideas, plans and strategies won’t work! The information you’ll find in this blog will be useful is successfully breaking you/your outfit/ any artiste/act into Nigerian Shoiwbiz.

That’s not all!!! Naija Music Biz blog is also for music lovers looking for the latest music news/gists, entertainment reports, album reviews and more entertaining stuff. we’ll keep you updated with all of the latest and hottest music-related info from Naija(Nigeria,that is). So,, set sail..the world is yours!!!

P.S – If you’re looking for any piece of showbiz-related info and you can’t find it on this blog, keep in touch or holla and we’ll keep you informed.Peace!!!


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